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  Privacy policy  

¡¡Privacy is your important rights. You provide the personal information to us depended on the trust, and you believe that we will be in a responsible attitude toward your personal information. We think that your personal information only is used to help us to provide better service. Therefore, we set down privacy policy of the online personal information to protect your personal information. Our personal privacy policy are summarized below
What kind information we collect?
¡¡Usually, you visit our net and get information anonymous. Before we ask you to provide information, we will explain the usage of the information, some site are browsed after register only. The registration needs some basic information such as email address, job and position on the ordinary situation. You have right to reject any information of ours at any moment.

Protect Your Privacy
¡¡We will protect your privacy by proper steps. When you provide some confidential information, we will protect your privacy by proper steps, and we will protect reserved personal information by proper and safety measures. We never provide your any personal information to unrelated the third party (including company and individuals) , excepted your permission or according compulsive regulation of law and government. If you ask us to provide especial service or to send some goods to you, we will send your name and address to the third party, such as Transportation Company. We site will provide link address of the third party. Because we can't control the sites, we advise that you read privacy policy of the third party carefully.

Privacy Principle
¡¡Your privacy is very important to us, therefore will open the privacy declaration according the following five principles about confidential information.
The first
¡¡When needs to identify your identity or connect you, we will ask the necessary information, just as the personal information. When you register, and ask some especial service, you will be required the information. will use some ways to confirm the correction and effective of your personal information.
The second
¡¡ and essential corporate companies will use your personal information to operate the net and service, we will inform you some new functions and services, and some goods of and corporate companies. will choose from the other companies' products and service information to you, generally the information about service of the net.
The third
¡¡If will use personal information on subordinate usage, will provide the explanation about how to reject the service. You will expire the mails according the explanation on the information and sales promotion.
The forth will ask you to open the personal information according law or kindness.

  1. be good law or obey the legality process of
  2. protect personal rights or property of
  3. protect personal or public safety of? ,on the emergency
The fifth
¡¡Whenever you think the does not follow the principles, please tell us by Email: We will try our best to improve this problem in a proper content.

The usage of Cookies
Sometimes, can use Cookies to let us know the popularity of the websites to service you well when you visit our website. Cookies does not trick your personal information. When you register in our web, the Cookies will be used to memory the useful information to identify you when your visit us the next time. The Cookies, which belongs to, can only be read by If you chose to deny the Cookies, you can also visit most of our webs.

How to renew the personal information you have provided to
If you change your address, job, telephone or Email, you can inform Artron according to the public contact we provided to help us to keep the accuracy of your data. You can also visit or to change it yourself. welcomes you to comment or question about the Privacy System. All the changes will be release on the web. Please send the comment or questions to