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Total 67 lots , Lots 1601-1670 , Sold 51 Lots , Sold Total:RMB 11,122,720 , Rate:%
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Lot Name Estimate Price
1601  Pan Bo'lin Da'mo Pottery Figure RMB 60,000-100,000 RMB 67,200
1602  Mao Zheng'cong Chi'hai Celadon Glazed Ceramic Bowl RMB 80,000-120,000 RMB 268,800
1603  Chen Ai'ming Expectation Celadon Glazed Ceramic Washer RMB 10,000-20,000 RMB 33,600
1604  Gao Feng Red Plums Know the Spring Earlier Tiao'dao Style Glazed Ceramic Bowl RMB 12,000-18,000 RMB 16,800
1605  Xiong Sheng'gui Happiness Reflected in the Eyebrow Underglaze Wucai Ceramic Vase No Reserve RMB 64,960
1606  Zhang Ming'wen Commemorating Tai'shan Mountain Carved Ceramic Deer Head Vase RMB 30,000-50,000 --
1607  Zhang Song'mao and Xu Ya'feng Golden Autumn Famille-Rose Ceramic Plate No Reserve RMB 103,040
1608  Zhang Song'mao Flying Snow Welcomes the Coming of Spring Famille-Rose Ceramic Brushpot No Reserve RMB 168,000
1609  Shu Hui'juan Image for a Memorial Quting Antique-Glazed Ceramic Plate RMB 180,000-260,000 --
1610  Li Xiao'cong Amazing Rocks Famille-Rose Ceramic Vase No Reserve RMB 89,600
1611  Li Lei'ying Le'zhan'jiu'qiu Famille-Rose Ceramic Vase No Reserve RMB 33,600
1612  Li Lei'ying Let Go I Famille-Rose Ceramic Plate No Reserve RMB 53,760
1613  Li Lei'ying Let Go II Famille-Rose Ceramic Plate No Reserve RMB 44,800
1614  Li Ju'sheng Pleasant Period is Just Like a Dream High-Temperature Colored Glaze Ceramic Vase RMB 380,000-480,000 RMB 425,600
1615  Li Ju'sheng While Watching Others Playing Chess, If You Keep Silent, You Are the Real Man High-Temperature Colored Glaze Ceramic RMB 1,200,000-1,400,000 RMB 1,904,000
1616  Lan Guo'hua Good Flowers Blossom in Four Seasons Antique-Glazed Ceramic Vase No Reserve RMB 76,160
1617  He Bing'qin “Fragrant Tulip” Blue and White Inlaid Ceramic Ware No Reserve RMB 212,800
1619  Rao Xiao'qing “Lucky Funny” Wucai Ceramic Vase RMB 120,000-180,000 --
1620  Lu Ru Four Gentlemen Blue and White Underglaze Copper Red Ceramic Plate (four pieces) RMB 230,000-280,000 RMB 268,800
1621  Zhong Lian'sheng “Spring Brings New Life” Famille-Rose Ceramic Plate No Reserve RMB 313,600
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