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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
DYXP20180601 Duo Yun Xuan 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-24
  Contemporary Calligraphy and Paintings (I) --
  Contemporary Calligraphy and Paintings (II) --
  Chinese Calligraphy --
  Fans and Small Size Calligraphy and Paintings --
  Modern Galligraphy and Paintings --
  Bags and Accessories --
  Night Session of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings --
  Ancient Calligraphy and Paintings --
SHGM20180601 Shanghai Gongmei 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-22
  gu jin mo lin --
  hai shang shi jia --
BEIJ20180601 Mei San Shan 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-21
  Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
BRYP20180601 Beijing Baoruiying 2018 Spring Auction of Artwork --  2018-06-20
  Chinese Modern Paintings & Calligraphy --
  Classical Chinese Paintings --
  Fine Chinese Paintings --
  Yixing day teapots yixing preaous works --
  Fine Chinese Works of Art --
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art --
ZGJD20180601 China Guardian 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-18
  Colorful Anthology: Focus on Private Collection --
  Grand View: Chinese Paintings Highlight·Modern --
  Grand View: Chinese Paintings Highlight·Classical --
  Fine and Rare Kweichou Mou-tai Chiew --
  Fine Chinese Ceramics from Ming and Qing Dynasties --
  Twelve Yinzhen Beauties-Selected Ceramics from Yongzheng Period --
  By Imperial Order-Important Ceramics and Works of Art --
  The Endowment of Nature Important Tianhuang Seals and Works of Art from the Songtaoyuan Collection --
  Qingning-Modern and Contemporary Seal Art --
  Graceful Companions — Fine Classic Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties --
  European Modern Furniture of Ming Style --
  The Lore of Gu Qin — Important Collections from the Classic Society --
  WEI YU — Important Scholar’s Studio Objects from Mu Xin Zhai Collection --
  Fine Scholar’s Studio Works of Art --
  Treasure from Linglongshi Studio: Literary Artworks Collected by Ma’s Family --
  Fans Collection from Jinwenzhai Studio --
  Exquisite Selection of Fans --
  Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
  Collection of Yingxing Zisha Pottery By Song Taoyuan --
  400 Years of Yixing Zisha Pottery --
  20th Century & Contemporary Art --
  Latitude/Attitude — The Schoeni Family Collection --
  Contemporary Art Evening Sale --
  20th Century Art Evening Sale --
  Manuscripts and Autographs --
  Gold and Silver Antiques --
  Chinese Jades and Scholar Items --
  The Highlights of Buddhist Art-Zhantan Lin --
  Carving Insects in Literary Mind: Ming Dynasty Fans Collection by Jiashutang Studio --
  Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
  Fall out of Body and Mind — Inoue Yuichi's Ink and Mark --
  Contemporary Chinese Paintings --
  Letters and Manuscripts --
  Rare Books & Rubbing Books --
  Pronunciation and Abstract of the New Book of Tang from Shibi Jingshe --
  Modern and Contemporary Porcelain --
  Fine and Rare Wines of the World --
  Ancient Coins and Sycee --
  Shuiguitang's Ancient Coin Collection --
  Banknotes --
  Ancient Coins and Sycee --
  Ancient Coins and Sycee --
  Shih Kalgan's Colletion and Medal --
  Stamps and Covers --
BJBL20180601 Beijing Poly 2018 Spring Auction RMB 277,026  2018-06-17
  Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy (I) RMB 2,172
  Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy (II) RMB 4,348
  More sublime when looking up chinese classical paintings and calligraphy evening sale RMB 26,927
  Surpassing the ancients and amazing the contemporaries RMB 51,647
  Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy night sale RMB 37,604
  Tranquil landscape special collection of liuguang RMB 2,087
  Purify the soul—yoqingtang’s collection of literati’s rock and plaque RMB 83
  Contemporary chinese ink paintings RMB 6,851
  Connoisseurship in ancient arts chinese classical paintings and calligraphy day sale RMB 2,139
  Important timepieces and mineral RMB 2,349
  A soft breeze in a mindscape engr aven art objects in the chinese scholar’s studio RMB 4,066
  Greatness in miniature---exquisite selection of playthings RMB 9,662
  The great yuan’s grandeur(I)---the alexander vase collection of yuan arts RMB 13,239
  The great yuan’s grandeur(II)---three Buddhist masterpieces from speelman collection and important private collection RMB 9,258
  Three chenghua blue and white treasures RMB 4,738
  Pipe in three thousand years pair of magnificent famille-rose ‘peach and bat’plates RMB 5,060
  An exceptionally important Qianlong imperial bronze with gold-splashed seal RMB 11,098
  An exceptionally Qianlong soapstone seal and imperial works of art RMB 9,812
  Important jewels RMB 8,760
  Autograph of world famous people RMB 586
  Modern and contemporary arts RMB 2,799
  Modern and contemporary arts evening sale RMB 32,217
  Delights from connoisseurship-art of chinese scholar’s objects and tea RMB 666
  Important gilt-bronze Buddhist statue and thangka RMB 2,536
  The ji qing tang collection of handcrafted furniture and chinese traditional scholar’s objacts RMB 1,591
  The art of the great ming RMB 5,099
  Purrlecleclay teapot of gongxinzhao’s collection and Gu jingzhou RMB 1,443
  THE david huang&son important imperial cloisonné enamels RMB 4,497
  Selection of imperial porcelain over 93 years in three collections RMB 2,489
  The imperial ceramics and works of art RMB 4,518
  Important wine night sale RMB 493
  Chinese ceramics and works of art (I) RMB 876
  Chinese ceramics and works of art (II) RMB 558
  Chinese ceramics and works of art RMB 377
  FINE WINES OF the world day sale RMB 629
  Poly moutai club kwei chow MOUTAI RMB 1,444
  Avenve tiancheng rave health tea products RMB 670
  Coins & Banknotes --
  Stamps & Postal history RMB 1,638
BJDZ20180601 Beijing Dongzheng 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-17
  huang jia chang wu --
HHZP20180601 Huahuizhongyi 2018 Spring Auction --  2018-06-17
  Chinese painting and calligraphy --
  Selection --
  Jewelry --
PDGP20180600 Paidegao 2018 Summer Auctions NO.51 --  2018-06-16
  Magnificent Jewels --
  Important Watches --
BJRB20180601 Beijing RongBao 2018 Spring Auction RMB 43,008  2018-06-14
  Make Friends Through Literary Works Fine Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy RMB 3,526
  Boutique painting and Calligraphy RMB 20,275
  Modern and Contemporary Art RMB 1,540
  Qi Gong Boutique Painting and Calligraphy RMB 3,102
  Modern and Contemporary Art RMB 10,140
  Rombon's Fine Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy RMB 4,426
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