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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
SHGM20170701 Shanghai Gongmei 2017 Spring Art Auction --  2017-07-23
  mei shu wen xian --
  yi yuan xin feng --
  jiang yi xin hui --
  gu jin mo lin --
  hai shang shi jia --
XLYS20170701 Xiling Yinshe 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-07-15
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy I --
  Charity Sale: Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Wang Yiting’s Birth --
  Chinese Fan Paintings --
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy II --
  Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy --
  Masterpieces by Chen Mansheng, Chen Yuzhong, Zhao Zhichen and Qian Song --
  Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of XilingYinshe --
  Return to Hangzhou: Huang Binhong’s Late Artlife --
  ‘Xi Jia’Pan: Imperial Southern Song Collection and Chinese Bronzes --
  From Mei Lanfang to Chang Ch’unh-ho: China’s Opera Arts --
  Ever Lasting Glory·Refined Articles in the Study --
  Taste of Craftsmanship·Refined Articles in the Study --
  Collection of JujingtangStudio·Refined Articles in the Study --
  Chinese Ceramics --
  Study Series·Refined Articles in the Study --
  Top of Mount Kunlun: China’s First Sale of Rough Hetian Seed Jade --
  Jade Carvings by Contemporary Chinese Masters --
  Study Series·FineInkstones and Inksticks --
  Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Shanghai Painting School --
  Important Chinese and International Manuscripts --
  The first sale of Photographs and Films --
  XilingYinshe’s First Sale of Magnificent Jewels and Gemstones --
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings --
  Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters --
  Chinese Miniascape --
  Superb Works with Poetic Charm: Chinese Stone Carving Art --
  Elegant and Magnificent·Chinese Statues --
  Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea --
  Western Antiques and Works of Art --
  Study Series·ExquisiteTianhuang Stone Carvings and Master’s Seals --
  Entertaining Seals by Masters --
  Study Series·Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters --
  Fine Ink Rubbings --
  Rare and Fine Ancient Books --
  XilingYinshe’s First Sale of Chinese Medicinal Liquor, E-Jiao and Ginseng --
  Whisky, Brandy and Vintage Wine --
  Famous Chinese Wine --
  Fine Burgundy Wine --
  Chinese Paper Money & Coins --
ZJNB20170701 Zhejiang South-North 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-07-14
  Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy I --
  Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy II --
NYJS20170700 NY Christie 2017 July Auction USD 80  2017-07-13
  The Art of China USD 80
OMZX20170701 Macau Chung Shun 2017 Spring Auctions --  2017-07-02
  Painting Sundries --
  Porcelain --
SMPM20170700 Linwoods Auction Truth of Arts Chinese Painting & Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art --  2017-07-02
  Truth of Arts-Chinese Painting & Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art --
SHJH20170701 Shanghai Jinghua 2017 Spring Auction of art works RMB 18,910  2017-07-01
  Chinese Modern Calligraphy and Paintings RMB 5,030
  Excellent Paintings by Painters in Shanghai RMB 2,697
  Collection of Hufan Wu his Teacher Students and Friends RMB 1,306
  Chinese Ancient Calligraphy and Paintings RMB 4,608
  Well-collection of Fan RMB 1,289
  Civilian politicians of Calligraphy and Paintings RMB 1,458
  Collection of Rare Books and Celebrity Letters --
  Collection of Curio Works RMB 892
  Oil Paintings and Sculptures RMB 1,631
SHJP20170701 Shanghai Jiahe 2017 Spring Auction RMB 24,130  2017-07-01
  Shu xiang qing qu RMB 221
  Xin yuan tang chang wu RMB 357
  He feng RMB 13,518
  Si hai ji zhen RMB 1,751
  Hong yue shen mei RMB 1,141
  Jia he hui ai RMB 40
  San fu si yi RMB 541
  Yan jiang qiu lan RMB 1,092
  Feng liu jin jian RMB 1,747
   Chun jiu cang shu RMB 827
  Xian shan jue ge RMB 981
  Ming qing yi yun RMB 1,685
  Cai bi xin yun RMB 230
SHMX20170601 Shanghai Mission 2017 The Spring Art Auctions RMB 23,245  2017-06-30
  Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 2,340
  The Show Room RMB 16,873
  Modern and Contemporary Art RMB 4,032
BMPM20170601 Bomei International 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-06-28
  King Eyes Looking After Creatures --
  Universe Ornament --
  Ji Zhen --
  Treasures Existed From Ancient Times --
  Leisure and Elegance --
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