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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
GXMS20181001 Kansai Art 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-10-18
  Gu Dai Shu Hua --
  Yong Hao Liu Zhen --
  Lie Dao Shi Zhen --
  Xu Mo Cang Bao --
HNGM20181001 Hunan Guopai 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-10-14
  zhong guo shu hua --
  mo yun xiao xiang --
  si hai ji zhen --
SHYM20181001 Shang hai YangMing YangMing Autumn 2018 Auctions --  2018-10-12
  Chinese Banknotes I --
  Mr. Kevin Collection of Chinese Provincial Banknotes --
  Chinese Banknotes II --
  Chinese Bonds and Share Certificates and Document --
HKHH20181001 Fortune Auctioneers 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-10-07
  Magnificent Jadeite and Watches Prestige Collection --
PDGP20181000 Paidegao 2018 Winter Auctions NO.54 --  2018-10-04
  Fine Chinese Paintings --
ZGJD20181001 China Guardian China Guardian Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2018 HKD 68,543  2018-10-02
  Refined Antiquities—Imperial Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty HKD 1,668
  Elegant Treasures From an American Private Collection HKD 1,011
  Ancient Chinese Ceramics from the Tang to the Song Dynasty HKD 571
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art HKD 3,783
  Exquisite Beauty of Archaic Jade Carvings from a San Francisco Private Collection HKD 1,434
  Virtue & Purity—A Selection of Fine Chinese Jade Carvings HKD 1,421
  Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art HKD 13,362
  Important Jewels and Jadeite HKD 5,755
  Classical Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties HKD 1,241
  Fine Bamboo Carvings and Seal Art from Private Collections HKD 833
  Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy HKD 33,753
  Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy HKD 3,710
DTHK20181001 Da Tang Hong Kong 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-10-01
  The Early Chinese Works of Art --
SZHT20180901 Shen Zhen Hua Teng The First Artworks Auction --  2018-09-30
  Contemporary Art of the 20th Century --
  Extreme Beauty - Healthy Tea, Rare Wine --
  Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (I) --
  Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (II) --
BLHK20180901 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Sale Calendar HKD 85,486  2018-09-30
  Modern And Contemporary Art HKD 11,379
  Important Wine and Whisky HKD 1,249
  Vintage Moutai --
  Fine Chinese Paintings And Calligraphy [I] HKD 6,419
  Glossiness of Uncarved Jade - Works of Cui Ruzhuo HKD 12,154
  Grace and Elegancy: Huang Yong’s Ceramic Art HKD 3,821
  Important Watches HKD 6,562
  Sisyphus - The Art of Jade Carving HKD 2,476
  Fine Chinese Paintings And Calligraphy [II] HKD 1,101
  The Collection of Shu Zheng Zhai - A Selection of Archaic Chinese Ceramics II HKD 583
  Lasting Echoes - Archaic Bronzes from the Western and Important Japanese Collectors HKD 2,681
  Eternal Treasure - A Selection of Important Chinese Sculptures from the Jacques Barrère’s Collection HKD 470
  Magnificent Jewels HKD 24,447
  Inheritance - A Selection of Important Chinese Art from He Yuan Gong Sheng HKD 4,027
  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art HKD 6,317
  Noble Handbags and Accessories HKD 1,801
XLYS20180901 Xiling Yinshe Xiling Yinshe (Shaoxing) 2018 Autumn Auction RMB 3,791  2018-09-28
  Zhong guo shu hua jin xian dai ming jia zuo pin I RMB 684
  Zhong guo shu hua shan hua zuo pin RMB 153
  Zhong guo shu hua jin xian dai ming jia zuo pin II RMB 929
  Tao ai cao lu jin xian dai ming jia shou ji RMB 180
  Zhong guo shu hua gu dai zuo pin RMB 1,250
  Wen fang qing wan·gu wan za jian RMB 595
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