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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
GDCZ20181201 Guangdong Chongzheng 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-12-13
  zhu mo chun shan --
  guo guang --
  yue ya --
  ling nan shuang bo --
  qian kun zheng qi --
  gu huan --
  jin shi tong shou --
  tong qi bing xiang --
  hong lou jiu meng --
  mu ke chi zi --
  xun zong --
  yi hui --
  cui hua --
  ji gu --
SCDX20181201 Sichuan Dexuan 2018 Autumn Arts Auction --  2018-12-11
  Ci Qi Wen Wan --
  Qian Qiu Cao Sheng Yu You Ren Shu Fa Zhuan Chang --
  Gu Dai Xian Dang Dai Zhong Guo Shu Hua --
BRYP20181201 Beijing Baoruiying 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-12-08
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art --
  Chinese Modern Paintings & Calligraphy --
  Fine Chinese Paintings --
  Classical Chinese Paintings --
MSSP20181201 Mei San Shan 2018 Autumn Auction --  2018-12-07
  Bo Guan Yue Qu --
BJHH20181201 Beijing Hanhai 2018 Autumn Auction RMB 25,005  2018-12-07
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy I RMB 1,945
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy II RMB 3,877
  Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 3,939
  The Important Antithetic Couplets RMB 784
  Exquisite and Selected Works of Zisha Art RMB 2,988
  Happiness in Mind & Oil Paintings and Sculpture RMB 3,362
  Fine Chinese Modern Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 3,458
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art RMB 4,653
BJBL20181201 Beijing Poly Beijing Poly 2018 Autumn Sales Schedule RMB 235,736  2018-12-06
  Yuqingtang’s collection of leterati’s rock and plaque RMB 74
  Tranquil landscape special collection of liuguang RMB 2,244
  Collection of Chinese purplecla teapot RMB 1,400
  Contemporary chinese ink paintings RMB 2,730
  Modern and contemporary arts evening sale RMB 47,402
  Fine and Rare Wines RMB 197
  Whisky Sale RMB 382
  Magnificent Jewels RMB 6,938
  Courteous—literati’s calligraphy (evening sale) RMB 3,481
  Decent presence a collection of paintings from guoxiuyi RMB 3,351
  Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy night sale RMB 46,889
  Important Modern Chinese Painting And Calligraphy I RMB 3,348
  Nine great artists from Beijing important modern Chinese painting and calligraphy II RMB 7,059
  Connoisseurship in ancient arts chinese classical paintings and calligraphy day sale RMB 1,956
  Delights from connoisseurship-art of tea and chinese scholar’s objects RMB 442
  Autograph of world famous people RMB 419
  More sublime when looking up chinese classical paintings and calligraphy evening sale RMB 32,099
  Greatness in miniature---exquisite selection of playthings RMB 4,375
  Refined gathering II—selection of marchant and Japanese collection of ming porcelain RMB 4,781
  The throne of absolute freedom—important Chinese classical furnitures from the ten-views lingbi rock retreat collection RMB 6,486
  Qianlong’S Imperial Fairyland Among Space-Time And Continents RMB 22,687
  Crossing a crystal autumn river—a magnificent yangcai “landscape”two handled vase RMB 9,488
  A Pair of Exceptionally Rare Imperial Falanfcai 'Floral' Bowls --
  A ROMANCE AMONG BLOOMING ROSESⅢ The Meiyintang and Ten-Views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection of Three Dynasties Imperial Ceramics RMB 11,249
  Chinese ceramics and works of art I RMB 748
  Modern Ceramics and Works of Art RMB 1,272
  Important modern chinese painting and calligraphy III RMB 1,241
  Important watches and mineral RMB 1,440
  Chinese ceramics and works of art II RMB 1,056
  Poly Moutai Club Kwei Chow Moutai RMB 2,134
  Absolute Significance -The Imperial Buddhist Offerings and Cloisonne Enamel Wares RMB 3,939
  The Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art RMB 4,430
BJRB20181201 Beijing RongBao 2018 Autumn Auction RMB 49,262  2018-12-03
  Ancient Painting and Callgraphy RMB 9,872
  Qi Gong Boutique Painting and Callgraphy RMB 1,959
  Wang Sun Yi Yun Art Works By Pu Xin Yu RMB 2,077
  Boutique Painting and Callgraphy RMB 16,099
  Modern and Contemporary Art RMB 4,793
  European Master Paintings & Western Modern Art RMB 1,083
  Modern and Contemporary Art RMB 5,033
  Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy RMB 3,686
  Rombon's Fine Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy RMB 2,655
  Palace Collection RMB 2,004
HKXL20181200 Associated Surveyors ASA 2018 Winter Agarwood Auction --  2018-12-01
  Agarwood Auction --
HKHH20181101 Fortune Auctioneers 2018 Autumn Auction No.2 --  2018-11-30
  Magnificent Jadeite and Watches Prestige Collection --
BLOM20181101 Poly Macau 2018 Autumn Auction HKD 10,689  2018-11-29
  Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy HKD 731
  Modern and Contemporary Art HKD 7,894
  Important Jewels And Prestige Collections HKD 2,065
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