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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
LDFP20170501 Luxeford Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-05-19
  Fine Jewels And Watches Sale --
FJJX20170501 Fujian Jingxuan 2017 Spring Works of Arts Auction For Fujian Jingxuan Auction --  2017-05-14
  Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
  Inkstone and paper --
LDJS20170501 LD Christie’s 2017 May Acution GBP 2,176  2017-05-09
  Fine chinese ceramics and works of art GBP 1,946
  Chinese ceramics, works of art and textiles GBP 230
XLYS20170501 Xiling Yinshe Shao xing 2017 Spring Auction RMB 6,013  2017-05-05
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy I RMB 935
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy II Ancient Book & Rubbings RMB 1,535
  Study Series Refined Articles in the Study RMB 724
  Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Shaoxing Rice Wine RMB 103
  Wu Changshuo and Yu Yue: Autograph Letters Signed to Hong Erzhen and His Son RMB 872
  Chinese Fan Paintings RMB 250
  Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy RMB 1,595
TWMD20170501 Mandarin Mandarin Taipei 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-05-01
  Chinese Works of Art --
  Himalayan Buddhist Art --
  The Arts of Buddha --
  Zisha Art --
BJBL20170401 Beijing Poly The 37th fine arts auction --  2017-04-27
  Modern and contemporary chinese painting and calligraphy/A celebrity's collection of contemporary chinese painting and calligraphy --
  Fine chinese painting and calligraphy --
  Siqizhai's collection of chinese painting and calligraphy/Modern chinese painting and calligraphy(I) --
  Modern chinese painting and calligraphy (II) --
  Chinese classical painting and calligraphy --
CDBY20170401 Cheng Du Ba Yi 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-04-22
  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Bronze Buddhist Statues and Thangka --
GXMS20170401 Kansai Art 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-04-18
  lie dao shi zhen --
  yong hao liu zhen --
  gu du yi zhu I --
  ye jian jing mai --
  gu du yi zhu II --
  zhong guo shu hua ji hui --
  yun yun liu xiang --
  fo yuan ji jin --
  dong ying ji fang --
HKFD20170400 HongKong Fude 2017 Spring Aucitons No.126 --  2017-04-02
  Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
BLHK20170401 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) 2017 Spring Auction HKD 124,486  2017-04-02
  Fine wine and whisky HKD 1,023
  Fine chinese paintings and calligraphy [I] HKD 4,418
  Fine chinese paintings and calligraphy [II] HKD 10,295
  Glossiness of uncarved jade - special auction of cui ruzhuo [VIII] HKD 18,384
  Magnificent jewels HKD 33,548
  Chinese and asian modern and contemporary art HKD 40,173
  Chinese ceramics and works of art HKD 8,837
  In pursuit of the past - a selection of archaic chinese bronze wares and ceramics HKD 1,591
  A fine selection of early chinese ceramics HKD 480
  Important watches HKD 3,719
  Noble handbags and accessories HKD 2,018
  The meiyintang collection, a fine selection of imperial chinese porcelains --
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