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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
ZGJD20191001 China Guardian 55th China Guardian Quarterly Auction --  2019-10-15
  Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy( Ⅰ) --
  Master Pieces by Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Artists --
  Contemporary Ink Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy --
  Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy( Ⅱ) --
FJDN20191001 Fujian Southeast 2019 Autumn Art Auction --  2019-10-12
  Shoushan Stone Carving Treasures Night Session --
  Important Imperial Work of Art Session --
  The Art of Buddhism Session --
  Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Session --
  Purple Ceramic Tea Set Session --
  Contemporary Lacquer Painting Session --
  Shoushan Stone Carving Masterpieces Session --
  Seal Cutting Session --
  Rosewood Furniture Session --
  The aging of Wine from China and Overseas Session --
PDGP20191000 Paidegao 2019 Winter Auctions NO.63 --  2019-10-08
  Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art --
  Private Collection of Chinese Works of Art --
ZGJD20191001 China Guardian Chinse Guardian Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2019 HKD 61,698  2019-10-07
  Ancient Chinese Ceramics from The Tang to The Song Dynasty HKD 2,610
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art: session I HKD 3,409
  The Art of Connoisseurship: The Tang Family Collection of Porcelain from The Republic Period HKD 756
  Curio: The Beauty of Chinese Antiquities HKD 1,273
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art: session II HKD 3,882
  Exquisite Beauty of Archaic Jade Carvings from A San Francisco Private Collection II HKD 1,050
  Heavenly Rites: Fine Chinese Jade Carvings HKD 3,930
  Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art HKD 16,102
  Classic Furniture of The Ming and The Qing Dynasties HKD 2,189
  Classic Furniture from The Hung Collection HKD 3,420
  Important Collections of Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy from Asia HKD 2,396
  Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy HKD 13,083
  Important Jewels and Jadeite HKD 7,598
BLHK20191001 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) 2019 Autumn Art Auction HKD 74,206  2019-10-05
  Fine and Rare Chinese Spirit HKD 812
  Rare Whisky and Cognac HKD 272
  Modern and Contemporary Art HKD 20,185
  Rare Pu’er Tea and Teaware Auction HKD 2,506
  Fine Chinese Paintings And Calligraphy [I] HKD 5,571
  Glossiness of Uncarved Jade - Works of Cui Ruzhuo HKD 2,124
  Fine Chinese Paintings And Calligraphy [II] HKD 1,521
  Magnificent Jewels HKD 14,787
  Important Watches HKD 3,604
  Immaculately Exquisite - Selected Chinese Ceramics from The Ten-Views Lingbi Rock Retreat Collection HKD 13,393
  mperial Affection - Ming Ceramics from the Meiyintang and Distinguished Collection HKD 2,531
  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art HKD 5,173
  Noble Handbags & Hype Collectibles HKD 1,727
HKZH20191001 Joint Wells (HK) 2019 Autumn Art Auction --  2019-10-05
  PANORAMA A Selection of Hidden Treasures and Fine Antiques --
  INHERITANCE A Selection of Important Chinese Art From The Ever Concord II --
HNGM20190900 Hunan Guopai 2019 Autumn Auction --  2019-09-28
  ru gu yi xin zhuan chang --
  ya zhen shang wan zhuan chang --
  xiao xiang feng cai zhuan chang --
  shu dao qian qiu zhuan chang --
  wei chu you cai zhuan chang --
  da zhong cang jian zhuan chang --
XLYS20190901 Xiling Yinshe Xiling Yinshe (Shaoxing) 2019 Autumn Auction RMB 3,351  2019-09-21
  zhong guo shu hua zuo pin zhuan chang RMB 134
  zhong guo shu hua jin xian dai ming jia zuo ping zhuan chang II RMB 1,169
  zhong guo shu hua gu dai zuo pin zhuan chang RMB 1,086
  zhong guo shu hua jin xian dai ming jia zuo ping (tong yi shang kuan) zhuan chang I RMB 497
  wen fang qing wan gu wan za jian zhuan chang RMB 465
ZJJC20190901 Zhe Jiang Juncheng 2019 Autumn Art Auction --  2019-09-10
  The Contemporary Mainstay --
PDGP20190900 Paidegao 2019 Summer Auctions NO.62 --  2019-09-07
  Magnificent Jewels --
  Important Watches and Timepieces --
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