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Code Company Auction Price Dates & Venues
BRYP20170601 Beijing Baoruiying 2017 Spring Auction Of Art Work --  2017-06-21
  Fine Chinese Ceramics And Works Of Art --
  Chinese Modern Paintings & Calligraphy --
  Fine Chinese Paintings --
  Fine Chinese Works Of Art --
  Classical Chinese Paintings --
ZGJD20170601 China Guardian China Guardian 2017 Spring Auctions RMB 290,125  2017-06-19
  Colorful Anthology: Focus on Private Collection RMB 10,914
  Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight · Modern RMB 115,215
  Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight · Classical RMB 51,382
  Fine and Rare Kweichou Mou-tai Chiew RMB 3,502
  Ming and Qing Ceramics Jades and Works of Art RMB 1,406
  Fine and Rare Wines of the World RMB 1,387
  20th Century & Contemporary Art RMB 2,874
  20th Century & Contemporary Chinese Art Evening Sale RMB 10,707
  Memories of the Past: Scholar's Studio Objects RMB 500
  The Lore of the Lute: Important Collections from the Classy Society RMB 3,405
  Scholar's life: the Silent Beauty RMB 733
  Chasing the Moonlight: Collection of Pu Ru's Painting and Calligrpahy RMB 6,469
  Painting Collection in Zhenshangzhai Studio RMB 2,660
  Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy RMB 12,702
  Manuscripts and Autographs RMB 703
  Hermes Handbags and Accessories RMB 1,833
  Gold and Silver Antiques RMB 10,622
  Splendor of Imperial Art RMB 5,971
  The Highlights of Buddhist Art - Zhantan Lin RMB 9,223
  Modern and Contemporary Porcelain RMB 2,067
  400 Years of Yixing Zisha Pottery RMB 1,179
  Qingning-Modern and Contemporary Seal Art RMB 5,077
  Graceful Companions - Fine Classic Furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties RMB 8,211
  Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy RMB 8,603
  Message of Longevity: Letter and Rubbing Collection by Chen Ziqing RMB 578
  Wind of Literary: Fans Collection RMB 588
  Exquisite Selection of Fans RMB 803
  Contemporary Chinese Painting RMB 3,610
  Important Reference relating to Chinese Art RMB 182
  Rare Books & Rubbing Books RMB 4,844
  Letters and Manuscripts RMB 1,914
  Master's Collection: Contemporary Jade Carvings RMB 74
  Contemporary Custom Design Jade Jewelry and Jadeite Bracelets RMB 188
BJGM20170601 Beijing Antique City 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-06-19
  Special Auction for Jade Wares in Ancient times --
  Ancient Chinese Paintings --
  SUPREME WORSHIP Auction of ancient Buddha statues --
  Special Auction for Porcelains and Miscellaneous in The Ming and Qing Dynasties --
  Special Auction for Furniture in The Ming and Qing Dynasties --
BJCX20170601 Beijing ChengXuan 2017 Spring Auctions --  2017-06-18
  Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy (PartⅠ) --
  Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy (PartⅡ) --
  Modern & Contemporary Art --
  Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art --
  Ancient Chinese Coinage, Sycees & Milled Coinage --
SHYM20170601 Shang hai YangMing YangMing Summer 2017 Auctions --  2017-06-17
  Chinese Banknotes --
GDCZ20170601 Guangdong Chongzheng 2017 Spring Auction RMB 45,637  2017-06-14
  LinNanShuangBi RMB 3,492
  JiuTengShuWuCangMingJiaShuHuaV RMB 15,951
  GuoGuangJinXianDaiShuHua RMB 12,842
  BuXiangYinShiCangMingJiaShuHua RMB 736
  JiuShiMingYue RMB 656
  ShuLianBiHe RMB 624
  RunDeTangCangMingJiaShuHuaⅡ RMB 1,740
  GuHuan RMB 4,544
  YueYa RMB 2,386
  GuYiQingFen RMB 159
  HuiCui RMB 679
  JiGu RMB 1,828
LYYP20170601 long yi yu bing 2017 Spring Auction --  2017-06-11
  Chinese Painting --
  Exquisite Chinese Jade Carvings --
  Fine Classical Chinese --
BJDZ20170601 Beijing Dongzheng 2017 Spring Auctions --  2017-06-08
  Che Xin --
  Qing Yun Zhai Zhi Xiu Yi Shu Xie Fang --
  Bo Ruo --
  Jin Gang Xin --
  Yun Gong Wan Zai --
  Qian Kun Hui Cui --
  Qing Song Ben Wu Hua --
  Gui Ran Ling Yan --
  Huang Jia Zhang Wu --
  Zhong Yao Gong Ting Yi Shu Zhuan Chang --
BJBL20170601 Beijing Poly 2017 Spring Auctions RMB 240,849  2017-06-04
  Zhang Shizhao’s Letters and Manuscripts to Pan Boying and Friends RMB 1,011
  Letters and Manuscripts in Commemoration of the New Culture Movement RMB 2,808
  Asian Modern And Contemporary Arts RMB 2,899
  Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings (Evening Sale) RMB 17,897
  Ruben’S Sketch Book RMB 798
  Modern And Contemporary Arts Evening Sale RMB 14,091
  The Ullens Collection Of Chinese Contemporary Art RMB 2,358
  Modern Chinese Painting I RMB 2,241
  Modern Chinese Painting II RMB 5,038
  More Sublime When Looking Up:Chinese Classical Paintings And Calligraphy Evening Sale RMB 35,602
  Important Modern Chinese Painting And Calligraphy Night Sale RMB 70,734
  Rare Books And Manuscripts RMB 4,448
  Bronze Mirrors, Silver and Bronze Items RMB 484
  Collection Of Chinese Purpleclay Teapot RMB 617
  Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings RMB 3,379
  Connoisseurship In Ancient Arts: Chinese Classical Paintings And Calligraphy Day Sale RMB 4,344
  Romance Among Blooming Roses The Meiyintang And Western Collection Of Kangxi And Yongzheng Imperial Ceramics RMB 11,454
  ‘White’ and ‘Celadon’ The Meiyintang and Japanese Collection of Longquan and Celadon and White Ceramics RMB 3,196
  The Grand Panorama-the Evening Sale of Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art RMB 10,933
  Imperial Playthings-Imperial Scholar’s Objects from the Ming and Qing Courts RMB 2,321
  The Art Of The Great Ming RMB 5,423
  Coins and Banknotes RMB 1,167
  Autograph of World Famous People RMB 626
  Antiquities: The Intellectual Life of Literati Ⅱ RMB 3,956
  Important Jewels RMB 4,826
  Delights From Connoisseurship-Fine Teawears And Antiquities From The Peking Yue Family’s Collection RMB 820
  Delights From Connoisseurship-Art Of Chinese Scholar’s Objects RMB 277
  Important Gilt-Bronze Buddhist Statue And Thangka RMB 7,340
  The Imperial Ceramics And Works Of Art RMB 6,592
  Important Private Collections Of Later Chinese Bronze Censers RMB 1,392
  In Pursuit Of Enlightenment Masterpieces Of Buddhist Arts RMB 2,792
  Nature-Rivalling Virtuosity——Jia Shu Tang’s Collection Of Chinese Embroidered Articles RMB 1,477
  Poly Moutai Club Kwei Chow Moutai RMB 906
  Collection Of Wines Whiskey RMB 109
  Avenve Tiancheng Rave Health Tea Products RMB 996
  Important Timepieces & European Decorative Arts RMB 2,310
  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art (I) RMB 1,299
  Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art (II) RMB 911
  Stamps & Postal History RMB 977
BJHH20170601 Beijing Hanhai 2017 Spring Auctions RMB 25,240  2017-06-02
  Excellent Art Highlights-Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy from Bao Ju Zhai RMB 2,824
  Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 3,137
  Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 1,178
  Exquisite and Selected Works of Zisha Art RMB 2,002
  Rare Books and Manuscript RMB 379
  Fine Chinese Modern Paintings and Calligraphy RMB 6,919
  Oil Paintings and Sculpture, Happiness in Mind RMB 1,537
  Sound of Dawn-The Buddhist Arts RMB 1,592
  Prosperous Times-Selected Bronze Censers of The Ming and Qing Dynasties RMB 392
  Fine Jade Carvings RMB 535
  Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art RMB 4,744
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