China Guardian Auctions Co.Ltd. > China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2020
Preview Time: 2020-11-27~2020-12-06
Preview Venue: Guardian Art Center (No.1 Wangfujing Street, Beijing)
Auction Venue: Guardian Art Center Hall A
Guardian Art Center Hall B
Auction Date :
Fine and Rare Kweichou Mou-tai Chiew
2020-12-01 10:00am.
Contemporary Chinese Paintings
2020-12-01 1:00pm.
Grand View: Chinese Paintings Highlight · Modern
2020-12-01 6:00pm.
Grand View: Chinese Paintings Highlight · Classic
2020-12-01 Following
Autographs and Manuscripts
2020-12-01 10:00am.
Qingning-Modern and Contemporary Seal Art
2020-12-01 1:00pm.
Classic Furniture from Ji Cheng Tang Collection
2020-12-01 5:00pm.
Ingenuity-Collection of Masterpiece Furniture
2020-12-01 Following
The Highlights of Buddhist Art-Zhantan Lin
2020-12-01 8:00pm.
Colorful Anthology: Focus on Private Collection(I)
2020-12-02 9:30am. 2:00pm.
Collected by Qi Gong
2020-12-02 9:30am.
Letters and Manuscripts
2020-12-02 10:30am.
Rare Books & Rubbing Books
2020-12-02 2:00pm. 5:00pm.
Appointment Letter of Zhan Yizhi in Southern Song Dynasty
2020-12-02 4:30pm.
Gold and Silver Antiques
2020-12-02 8:00pm.
Colorful Anthology: Focus on Private Collection(II)
2020-12-03 9:30am. 2:00pm.
Selected Ceramics and Works of Art
2020-12-03 9:30am.
Imperial Appreciation-Impotant Porcelain and Works of Art from Ming and Qing
2020-12-03 7:30pm.
All Nature in Clarity: Ming Dynasty Fans Collection by Jiashutang Studio
2020-12-04 10:00am.
Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
2020-12-04 1:30pm.
Fine and Rare Wines of the World
2020-12-04 9:30am.
Fine and Rare Whiskies of the World
2020-12-04 1:30pm.
Rare and Vintage Pu-er and Premium Tea
2020-12-04 4:30pm.
The Lore of Gu Qin: Important Collections from the Classic Society
2020-12-04 6:00pm.
The Woven Splendor: Antique Carpets from Jiang Xin Fang Collection
2020-12-04 Following
Classic Funiture from Liu Yu Zhai Collection
2020-12-04 Following
Graceful Companions Fine Classic Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
2020-12-04 Following
Chinese Classic Furniture from A Private Collection
2020-12-04 Following
Ancient Coins and Sycee ( Sycee )
2020-12-05 9:30am.
Important Jewels and Jadeite
2020-12-05 7:00pm.
Collection of Yixing Zisha Pottery of Yi Yunzhai
2020-12-05 9:30am.
400 Years of Yixing Zisha Pottery
2020-12-05 Following
20th Century & Contemporary Art
2020-12-05 2:00pm.
20th Century Art Evening Sale
2020-12-05 7:00pm.
Contemporary Art Evening Sale ( I )
2020-12-05 8:00pm.
Contemporary Art Evening Sale ( II )
2020-12-05 9:00pm.
Ancient Coins and Sycee ( Sycee )
2020-12-06 9:30am.
Ancient Coins and Sycee ( Ancient Coins )
2020-12-06 1:30pm.
2020-12-06 9:30am.
Stamps and Covers
2020-12-06 2:00pm.