Firms say out :
Code Auction Category Dates & Venues
ZGJD20190301 China Guardian China Guardian Quarterly Auctions Beijing 2019-03-23
BJBL20190301 Beijing Poly The 46th Fine Arts Auction Beijing 2019-03-26
XYZM20190300 xiao ya zhai The Phase IX Painting Auction of canton Elegance 2019 Guangzhou 2019-03-27
ZGJD20190301 China Guardian Chinse Guardian Hong Kong Spring Auctions 2019 Hong Kong 2019-03-30
BLHK20190301 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Sale Calendar Hong Kong 2019-03-31
HKFD20190300 HongKong Fude 2019 Spring Auctions No.132 Hong Kong 2019-03-31
TBYP20190301 Tai Bei Yi Zhen Spring Auction Taiwan 2019-03-31
HKCH20190401 HK Sino Art 2019 Spring Art Works Auction Hong Kong 2019-04-01
PDGP20190400 Paidegao 2019 Spring Auctions NO.58 Hongkong 2019-04-02
BJKS20190401 Beijing Council Council Hong Kong 2019 Spring Auction Hong Kong 2019-04-02
HKHH20190401 Fortune Auctioneers 2019 Spring Auction Hong Kong 2019-04-04
OMZX20190400 Macau Chung Shun 2019 Spring Auction Macau 2019-04-07
GXMS20190401 Kansai Art 2019 Spring Auction Da Ban 2019-04-18