Firms say out :
Code Auction Category Dates & Venues
NYJS20170901 NY Christie 2017 September Auction New York 2017-09-20
SDFF20170901 Steven’s Art 2017 Autumn Auction luo shan ji 2017-09-23
PDGP20170901 Paidegao 2017 Autumn Auctions NO.43 Hong Kong 2017-09-23
SHJS20170901 Christie's Shanghai 2017 Autumn Auction Shang Hai 2017-09-24
SDTC20170901 Tiancheng 2017 Autumn Auction Jinan 2017-09-24
CDBY20170901 Cheng Du Ba Yi 2017 Autumn Auction chengdu 2017-09-24
BJRB20170900 Beijing RongBao The 82th Arts Auction Beijing 2017-09-24
NYJS20170900 NY Christie 2017 September Auction New York 2017-09-28
BLHK20171001 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) 2017 Autumn Auction Hong Kong 2017-10-01
WCSP20171000 Marchance Auctioneers 2017 October Online Auction Hong Kong 2017-10-01
ZGJD20171001 China Guardian China Guardian Hong Kong 5th Anniversary and 2017 Autumn Auctions Hong Kong 2017-10-02
HKJH20171001 Kings Park 2017 King's Park Autumn Art Auction Hong Kong 2017-10-02
DTHK20171001 Da Tang Hong Kong 2017 Autumn Auction Hong Kong 2017-10-02
PDGP20171001 Paidegao 2017 Autumn Auctions NO.44 Hong Kong 2017-10-02
BJKS20171001 Beijing Council KUANGSHI HONG KONG 2017 AUTUMN AUCTION Hong Kong 2017-10-02
HKJS20171000 HK Christie's 2017 October Auction Hong kong 2017-10-02
HHHK20171001 Hanhai Hongkong Hanhai hong kong 2017 autumn auctions Hong Kong 2017-10-05
LDJS20171000 LD Christie’s 2017 October Auction London 2017-10-06
GXMS20171001 Kansai Art 2017 Autumn Auction SoWAs 2017-10-18