Firms say out :
Code Auction Category Dates & Venues
ZGJD20170601 China Guardian China Guardian 2017 Spring Auctions Beijing 2017-06-22
BJCX20170601 Beijing ChengXuan 2017 Spring Auctions Beijing 2017-06-22
PDGP20170600 Paidegao 2017 Summer Auctions NO.41 Hong Kong 2017-06-24
SHDF20170601 Shanghai Orient 2017 Spring Auction Shanghai 2017-06-25
BLXM20170601 Poly Xiamen Poly XiaMen 2017 Spring Auction Xiamen 2017-06-25
SMPM20170601 Linwoods Auction The Taoran Studio Collection San Fancisco 2017-06-25
DYXP20170601 Duo Yun Xuan 2017 Spring Auction Shanghai 2017-06-25
SHCH20170601 Shanghai Johha 2017 Spring Auction Shanghai 2017-06-26
SHHS20170601 Shanghai Hosane 2017 Spring Auction Shanghai 2017-06-27
XMXH20170601 Xia Men Xin He 2017 Spring Auction Xia Men 2017-06-27
BMPM20170601 Bomei International 2017 Spring Auction Xia Men 2017-06-28
SHMX20170601 Shanghai Mission 2017 The Spring Art Auctions Shanghai 2017-06-30
SHJP20170701 Shanghai Jiahe 2017 Spring Auction Shanghai 2017-07-01
SHJH20170701 Shanghai Jinghua 2017 Spring Auction of art works Shang Hai 2017-07-01
OMZX20170701 Macau Chung Shun 2017 Spring Auctions Macau 2017-07-02
SMPM20170700 Linwoods Auction Truth of Arts Chinese Painting & Imperial Ceramics and Works of Art Los Angeles 2017-07-02