Firms say out :
Code Auction Category Dates & Venues
ZHDP20170501 zhong hao dian cang 2017 Spring Auction Macau 2017-05-22
HKJS20170500 HK Christie's 2017 May Auctions Hong Kong 2017-05-22
SCDX20170501 Sichuan Dexuan 2017 Spring Art Auction of Paintings and Calligraphy chengdu 2017-05-24
HKJS20170501 HK Christie's 2017 Spring Auctions Hong Kong 2017-05-26
XYZM20170501 xiao ya zhai 2017 Spring Auction Guangzhou 2017-05-26
HYGJ20170501 Huayi International 2017 Spring Auction Guangzhou 2017-05-26
HKZY20170501 Tokyo Chuo Auction (Hong Kong) 2017 Spring Sales Hong Kong 2017-05-28
BLHK20170501 Poly Auction (Hong Kong) The beauty of brushes a selection of chinese paintings and calligraphy [3] Hong Kong 2017-05-28
SHJT20170501 Shanghai Jiatai 2017 Spring Art Auction(二) Shanghai 2017-05-28
BGGJ20170501 Paragon International 2017 Spring Auction Hong Kong 2017-05-29
DTHK20170501 Da Tang Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auction Hong Kong 2017-05-29
WCSP20170501 Marchance Auctioneers 2017 Spring Auction Hong Kong 2017-05-29
PDGP20170500 Paidegao 2017 Spring Auctions NO.40 Hong Kong 2017-05-29
ZGJD20170501 China Guardian Ghina Guardian Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auctions Hong Kong 2017-05-29
HTPP20170501 Royale 2017 Spring Auction Hongkong 2017-05-30
HKJH20170501 Kings Park 2017 King's Park Art Spring Auction Hong Kong 2017-05-30
HKGP20170501 Hong Kong International Beauty from the heaven chinese early ceramics spring auction Hong kong 2017-05-31
BJHH20170601 Beijing Hanhai 2017 Spring Auctions Beijing 2017-06-02
BJRB20170601 Beijing RongBao 2017 Springs Auction Beijing 2017-06-02
BJDZ20170601 Beijing Dongzheng 2017 Spring Auctions Bei Jing 2017-06-08
ZJJC20170601 Zhe Jiang Juncheng 2017 Spring Art Auction Hangzhou 2017-06-11
GDCZ20170601 Guangdong Chongzheng 2017 Spring Auction Guangzhou 2017-06-14
ZGJD20170601 China Guardian China Guardian 2017 Spring Auctions Beijing 2017-06-19