City Time Place Exhibition Title  
UK-London 2011-11-01~2011-12-17 Brunei Gallery Shanshui Totem--Xu Longsen Shanshui Art Exh... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-04~2011-12-04 Qianhou Space Elective I:Interaction-Painting Based on Pic... Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2011-11-05~2011-12-05 53 Art Split Attention Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-05~2011-12-10 Noda Contemporary Bei... A Place Never Recalled--Zhang Yue Works Ex... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-05~2011-11-30 Line Gallery Starry Sky Everywhere--Works of Mu Lintong Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-05~2011-12-04 Mountain Art The Remolded Self--Dang Ruohong Solo Exhibi... Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2011-11-01~2011-11-30 Galerie Du Monde Huang Yong Solo Exhibition Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2011-11-04~2011-12-11 Jia Art Gallery (Non)media--Chen Shih Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-06~2011-11-13 Baiyaxuan Art & Cultu... The First Beijing International Print Expo Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-29~2011-12-16 Eastation Gallery Su Xiaobai Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-29~2011-11-25 Taikang Top Space Holy Land of Revolution & Legends of Shanghai... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-30~2011-12-30 Thread Gallery Into the Wild--Jeffrey Morabito Solo Exhibit... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-12~2011-11-28 National Art Museum o... North and South of Mount Tianshan--Chinese A... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-11-11~2011-11-22 National Art Museum o... Modern Ceramic Arts Review Exhibition of Zho... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-28~2011-12-23 Dialogue Space Insight: Zhang Qikai Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-22~2011-11-08 Chinese Academy of Oi... Xie Dongming 2000-2011 Works Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-26~2011-11-08 National Art Museum o... He Duoling Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-29~2011-11-29 Permanence Gallery Sky--Ai An New Works Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-28~2011-11-18 White Box Museum of A... 15 Days: A collaborative Work Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-27~2011-11-08 National Art Museum o... Signal·Faraway--Liang Yu’s Works Exhibitio... Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2011-11-04~2011-12-12 VA Gallery Hallucinatory Authenticity – Wu Haizhou Solo... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-21~2011-11-06 C.NA GALLERY PURE----Tao Dong Dong Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-26~2011-11-08 National Art Museum o... Retrace·Presentation--Zhang Xinquan's Solo E... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-15~2011-10-25 White Box Museum of A... Everything is Possible•Wang Huiqin Solo Exh... Passed
USA-New York 2011-10-26~2011-10-28 Gagosian Gallery Christie’s Joins with Takashi Murakami To B... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-10-18~2011-10-18 Shanghai World Expo C... 2011 Picasso Exhibition in China Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-10-23~2011-12-16 OFOTO Gallery Luo Yongjin Photography Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-08~2011-11-02 Line Gallery Quicksand--Works of Yang Chengwen Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2011-10-22~2011-11-19 Itpark Gallery & Phot... Chen Jianrong Solo Exhibition Passed
Taiwan-Taizhong 2011-10-08~2011-11-13 Daxiang Art Space I and Myself--Hsu Ruifu Solo Exhibition Passed
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