City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-15~2011-11-11 New Age Gallery Zou Liang Sculpture Exhibition Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2011-10-06~2011-10-22 Schoeni Art Gallery Passage of Time by Zheng Lu Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-02~2011-10-30 Topredart Unable to pay a kindness Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-10-01~2011-10-25 Pata Gallery Yin Jun Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-01~2011-11-12 Cocolan Gallery Zhu Jin Oil Paintings Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-10-01~2011-10-31 Soka Art Center Micro Life II Passed
France-Paris 2011-09-26~2012-01-09 The Louvre Museum Artifacts from Forbidden City in the Louvre Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-24~2011-10-23 Asia Art Center Trace of Existence--Yang Shihong Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-24~2011-10-30 PIFO New Art Stud... Beyond--Fan Mingzheng Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-24~2011-10-31 Noda Contemporary Bei... Lontitude and Latitude of Color Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2011-09-27~2011-11-25 A4 Art Gallery Spectrum--Chinese Independent Animation Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-20~2011-09-22 National Library of C... Impression of China--Michael King's Exhibitio... Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2011-09-22~2011-10-29 VA Gallery Li Hongjun — Removed Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-17~2011-09-27 National Art Museum o... The Glamour of Tibet--Exhibition of Works by ... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-13~2011-10-13 Beijing Museum of Con... The Will of China–An Invitational Exhibitio... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-09~2011-11-27 Minsheng Art Museum Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art – M... Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2011-09-29~2011-10-30 Chengdu Biennale 2011 Suspended Island--9 cubic meter Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-17~2011-10-23 Dialogue Space Marc DESGRSNDCHAMPS Recent Painti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-09-10 Today Art Museum Myriad Beings--Liu Wei Solo Exhibition Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2011-09-30~2011-11-30 Chengdu Biennale 2011 Memory Suture Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-10~2011-10-09 Shanghai Duolun Museu... Darkroom of the History--Zhou Haiying Early P... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-10~2011-11-10 ME Photo Art Galler... Bionic--Peng Rong Contemporary Photography E... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-02~2011-10-09 Capital Museum Beijin... Van Gogh and the Amsterdam Impressionists Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-10-02 see+ Gallery Peaceful World--David Scopick Solo Exhibitio... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-13~2011-09-24 Shanghai Art Museum Yu Hong--Golden Horizon Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-10~2011-10-23 Chambers Fine Art According to Zhao Zhao Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-10~2011-10-05 Line Gallery Whom to Please--Jin Haofan Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-07~2011-10-01 Shanghai Gallery of A... Idiot Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-07~2011-10-31 ShanghART Beijing Waterworks Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-07~2011-12-16 OFOTO Gallery Orange Cloud--Chen Yun Works on Paper Passed
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