City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-06~2011-10-16 Other Gallery City of Mirrors--Jin Yangping Solo Exhibitio... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-10-16 Mizuma & One Gallery Parallel Country--Zhao Na Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-10-03 D.Space Sorry 404!--Xia Guo Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-11-07 F2 Gallery Rumor--Wu Junyong Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-09-17 Aether Art Museum Tian He Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-09-17 CU SPACE What About It? Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2011-09-03~2011-12-03 OCT Contemporary Ar... Vanished Boundaries: A Dialogue Between Edwi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-10-30 EGG Gallery White of the Eye Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-09-10 Today Art Museum Myriad Beings--Liu Wei Solo Show Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-09-17 V2 Fusion Potenial Memory--Thinking Screenage Art Exhi... Passed
Macau-Macau 2011-09-02~2011-10-30 AFA Macau Emptiness--An Exhibition of Works by Sylviye ... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-01~2011-09-20 Pata Gallery Zheng Hongxiang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-01~2011-10-16 Other Gallery Nothing Gold Can Stay--Shahram Entekhabi So... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-08-20~2011-09-10 Huafu Art Meng Ran Jian--Oil Paintings by Ten Artists Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-27~2011-09-18 Red Gate Gallery Twilight City--Zhou Jirong New Works on Pap... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-27~2011-09-27 Sunshine Museum Cervera Made in China Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-08-28~2011-09-09 Shanghai Art Museum Fantastic Scenery--Liu Guofu Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-03~2011-11-03 Yun Gallery Wang Jiazeng--The Exhibition of Works on Pa... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-28~2011-09-11 Hong Kong Contemporar... Light of Life--Wang Lin Oil Paintings Exhib... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-20~2011-10-10 White Box Museum of A... Zhang Xiaotao's Solo Exhibition Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2011-08-15~2011-09-15 VA Gallery Mind and Hand Coordination – An Exhibition o... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-13~2011-09-18 Mountain Art Valery Pavlovich Polotnov Works Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-16~2011-09-16 Zhao Zhao 2011 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-20~2011-10-19 Songzhuang Art Museum Songzhuang Art Exhibition Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2011-08-20~2011-09-16 A4 Art Gallery Young Artist Experimental Season Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-21~2011-09-11 Enjoy Museum of Art Displacement--Wang Zhiyuan Solo Exhibition Passed
Singapore-Singapore 2011-08-06~2011-09-05 Contemporary Art Muse... Light as a feather--Ye Yongqing Solo Exhibiti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-20~2011-09-07 National Art Museum o... Images History Exitence--Taikang Life Art C... Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2011-08-13~2011-09-11 Tina Keng Gallery Elemental Light--A Solo Exhibition by Charwe... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-24~2011-08-31 Today Art Museum Solo Painting Exhibition of Luo Min 2011 Passed
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