City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-20~2011-10-02 Platform China Wind Without Rain--Aniwar Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-09-01~2011-09-30 Qin Gallery Chen Xiaoxiong Modern Oil Paintings Exhibiti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-22~2011-09-10 EK Projects Unconsciousness--Luo Qing Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-06~2011-08-21 Triumph Art Space Rhapsody of Sense--Exhibition of Hou Zuoqing ... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-14~2011-09-04 Soka Art Center Emblem of Time--Asian Contemporary Art Group... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-27~2011-09-18 Asia Art Center Hua Qing Works Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-09~2011-08-15 White Box Museum of A... The Second Face--New Photography Works of L... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-06~2011-09-09 In-Shine Gallery My Way--Joint Exhibition of Youth Artists Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-06~2011-08-31 Deserted Island Coffe... China Series Posters Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-06~2011-09-08 Yun Gallery Gathering--2011 Gao Ping Works on Paper Exhi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-06~2011-09-20 Noda Contemporary Bei... I Believe--Youth Artists Group Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-08-05~2011-08-21 Fine Arts College of ... Trans Ocean Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-08-04~2011-09-16 Gallery Yang Yan Bing Solo Exhibition + Chen Zhuo Solo E... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-23~2011-08-28 Mizuma & One Gallery DU Kun: His Kingdom Passed
USA-Columbia 2011-08-06~2011-08-26 USA Columbia Kent G... Road to Oriental--New Ink Painter Yang Er'm... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2011-09-07~2011-10-21 OFOTO Gallery Uncertain Times Shanghai--Ma Kang Photograph... Passed
Spain-Valencia 2011-07-28~2011-08-28 Bonsai--The Tangible and the Unreal of Nature... Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2011-08-14~2011-09-11 CAFA Art Museum S... Vintage Prints 100--Exhibition Tour of the Co... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-23~2011-08-21 MK2Art Space Black Cauldron--Shin Chang Yong Solo Exhibi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-24~2011-09-02 CU SPACE Zhang Liguo Solo Exhibition--Paintings Since... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-26~2011-08-20 ShanghART Beijing Yu Youhan's Paintings Passed
Taiwan-Taizhong 2011-07-23~2011-08-14 Daxiang Art Space Steven Dix & Jess Macneil Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-08-28 Dialogue Space Timeless Elegance-Ma Yanling Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-17~2011-09-03 Pace Beijing Cell-Qiu Zhijie Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-08-15 Yiku Space Star of Academy--Five Artists' Co-Exhibition... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-10-09 UCCA(Ullens Center... Ashes to Ashes,Dust to Dust--Tatsuo Miyajima... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-07-29 Today Art Museum Declaration of Independence--Giant Cup Today ... Passed
Hubei-Wuhan 2011-07-18~2011-07-29 New Space of Fine Ar... Made for Wuhan: Special Artworks Show in Sum... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-08-27 Hong Kong Contemporar... Revival of Ink-Painting Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2011-07-16~2011-08-14 4-Face Space Gallery Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition of Zhang Xing Passed
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