City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Shanghai-Shanghai 2013-01-26~2013-03-31 Rock Bund Art Museum Group Exhibition by Duan Jianyu, Hu Xiaoyuan Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-13~2013-02-24 Other Gallery Group Exhibition:Urban Jungle Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-06~2013-02-23 Dialogue Space Group Exhibition:Starting Anew Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2013-01-12~2013-02-23 Today Art Museum Hotan Project by Liu Xiaodong Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2012-11-17~2012-12-28 Chambers Fine Art Like Moths to a Flame: Recent Works by Ye N... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-11-10~2012-11-24 Visual Space An Awfully Beautiful Place-the Antarctic Art... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-10-26~2012-12-02 Beijing Long March S... Form of the Formless by Zhan Wang Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2012-10-27~2012-11-02 Zhejiang Art Museum Line and Phenomenon——Solo Exhibition of Liu... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-11-03~2012-11-06 Today Art Museum Liu Jun's Oil Painting Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-26~2012-10-25 Beijing Moca Pace:50 Year's Master on Shape and Shadow Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-29~2012-11-18 Other Gallery Fresh Glimpse Group Exhibition Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2012-09-29~2012-10-20 Chengdu Moca Trapped——Yue Minjun New Works Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-29~2012-10-08 Village South Toy·Mask: Lv Zhe's Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-30~2012-12-02 UCCA(Ullens Center... Materialism by Yungho Chang Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-13~2012-10-31 Magician Space ... A Wall on the Wall, A Floor on the Floor Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-01~2012-09-23 Times Art Museum Purity of Freedom: Nan Fang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2012-09-14~2012-10-07 CAFA Art Museum S... Male, The Female, The Sacred: Omar Galliani... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-25~2012-09-09 Beijing Shijiefeng Fu... Aesthetic Life Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-08~2012-10-08 Everywhere Space Gall... Dancing Stage Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-12~2012-09-02 Magician Space ... Self Staging Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-12~2012-08-25 T Art Center Also World Passed
Nanjing-Nanjing 2012-09-15~2012-09-25 Sanchuan Modern Muse... Unknown Text Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2012-08-08~2012-08-26 Guangdong Museum of A... Coming from Yan'an Art Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-06~2012-09-04 Today Art Museum Lou Zhenggang Solo Exhibition Passed
Hong Kong-Hong Kong 2012-08-01~2012-09-12 Zee Stone Gallery Abstract Life: Group Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-28~2012-09-08 National Museum of Ch... Solo Exhibition of Jiang Mingxian Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-26~2012-08-04 National Museum of Ch... Qi Gong’s Calligraphy and Painting Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-06~2013-04-30 National Museum of Ch... Renaissance in Florence: Masterpieces and Prot... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-04~2012-08-25 Shangg Space Station Liu Xun Solo Exhibition Passed
London -London 2012-06-19~2012-09-09 Serpentine Gallery Yoko Ono: To the Light Passed
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