City Time Place Exhibition Title  
New York-New York 2012-10-11~2013-01-27 The Metropolitan Muse... Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop Passed
New York-New York 2012-09-14~2013-01-06 International Center o... Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Li... Passed
London -London 2012-07-30~2012-08-06 RCA China Arts Exhibition: 2012 London Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-07-29~2012-08-31 James Cohan Gallery Li Wenguang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing- Beijing 2012-08-01~2012-08-17 Millennium Hilarity A... Future Castles: Oil Painting’s Exhibition Passed
London -London 2012-06-22~2012-10-28 Tate Modern Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings Passed
London-London 2012-07-26~2012-09-23 Saatchi Gallery Korean Eye 2012 Passed
New York-New York 2012-05-18~2012-09-02 International Center o... A Short History of Photography Passed
London -London 2012-01-31~2012-08-12 Tate Modern Migrations Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-08~2012-10-15 Dialogue Space De l’- RuXiaofan Solo Exhibition 2012 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-09-15~2012-09-25 Dialogue Space "Boy, Doll,Fragment" Li Jikai Solo Exhibiti... Passed
New York-New York 2012-12-04~2013-03-17 The Metropolitan Muse... Matisse: In Search of True Painting Passed
New York-New York 2012-11-15~2013-02-18 The Metropolitan Muse... George Bellows Passed
New York-New York 2012-09-18~2012-12-31 The Metropolitan Muse... Regarding Warhol Sixty Artists, Fifty Years Passed
New York-New York 2012-08-18~2013-01-06 The Metropolitan Muse... Chinese Gardens, Pavilions, Studios, Retreats... Passed
Beijing-Beijng 2012-07-28~2012-08-17 ART Gallery Breaking: Li Xiao's Solo Exhibition Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2012-08-04~2012-09-05 A4 Art Gallery 2012 A4 Young Artist Experimental Season 2nd ... Passed
New York-New York 2012-05-15~2012-11-04 The Metropolitan Muse... Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City Passed
New York-New York 2012-05-18~2012-09-02 International Center o... Weegee: Murder Is My Business Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-06-21~2012-08-11 Taikang Top Space Superstition: Gao Weigang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-11~2012-07-19 China National Art M... Creative Cities Collection Fine Arts Exhibit... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-07~2012-07-30 White Box Museum of A... Use of The Useless: Jin Zhenzhai Solo Exhib... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-26~2012-09-01 Pace Beijing Liu Jianhua Solo Exhibition Passed
New York-New York 2012-06-29~2012-10-08 Guggenheim Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-18~2012-08-01 Prosper Center Ignite: 2012 China Young Artists Project Exh... Passed
New York-New York 2012-10-05~2013-01-23 Guggenheim Picasso Black and White Passed
New York-New York 2012-06-08~2012-09-12 Guggenheim Art of Another Kind: International Abstractio... Passed
London -London 2012-07-18~2012-10-28 Tate Modern The Tanks: Art in Action Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-21~2012-09-30 Asia Art Center Neverland: Guo Wen Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-22~2012-08-30 UCCA(Ullens Center... Wang Mai: Dire Straits Passed
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