City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-22~2012-08-30 UCCA(Ullens Center... Specificity: Curated by Wang Xingwei Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-01~2012-08-06 Enjoy Museum of Art 2012 Art Nova 100 Exhibition Passed
Taiwan-Tainan 2012-08-26~2012-09-30 Soka-Art Taiwan Solitary Park: Lin Chien-jung Solo Exhibitio... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-18~2012-10-21 AFA Beijing A Frontier Odyssey: Works by Mio Peng Fei Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-03~2012-09-02 White Box Museum of A... Till China and Africa Meet: Sutilezas Exhibi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-08~2012-08-18 SednAir Art Center We Are Inside: Art Works of Yu Ping Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-17~2012-08-17 Shangyuan Art Scene Artwork by Wela Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-18~2012-08-01 China Convention Cent... 2012 China Young Artists Project Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2012-08-08~2012-09-06 CAFA Art Museum S... CAFAM Future Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-21~2012-08-21 Hong Kong Contemporar... "@me" Contemporary Art Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-21~2012-07-29 Today Art Museum Focusing: A New Current of Realisim Painting... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-21~2012-09-09 Songzhuang Art Museum "Living-Being" China-Dutch Contemporary Art ... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-20~2012-07-28 Enjoy Museum of Art "Trans-Media" Works by Zhang Yu and Liang Q... Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2012-07-27~2012-08-12 He Xiangning Art Mus... Image Beyond Image by Zhao Dalu Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-14~2012-08-19 Mizuma & One Gallery "Silent Ink" Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-14~2012-08-05 Red Star Gallery "Art for the Masses" Retrospect Exhibition (B... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-07-30~2012-08-15 Shanghai Art Museum Perfume This Is Not: Yan Lei Solo Exhibiti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-15~2012-09-15 New Xin Dong Cheng S... Rene Francisco Rodriguez Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-14~2012-09-15 Tang Contemporary Art Sky Ladder: Shen Yuan Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-09-15~2012-09-25 Shanghai Art Museum Omen: Chinese New Art Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-11~2012-07-20 National Art Museum o... Onward From Concepts:2012 Xingongbi Document ... Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2012-07-14~2012-08-30 Chengdu Blueroof Art ... Value Paradigm: Diversion of Contemporary Art... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-06-30~2012-07-31 Chambers Fine Art Be... Jiang Qi: Li Hongbo, Wang Lei, Wei Ming an... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-04~2012-07-29 Star Gallery Nowhere to Live Series Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-08-18~2012-10-21 AFA Beijing A Frontier Odyssey: Works by Mio Pang Fei Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-06-30~2012-08-19 Soka Art Center Senven Point Five Percent Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-11~2012-07-30 White Box Museum of A... Metamor-phosis: Paintings of Palla Joroff Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2012-07-07~2012-08-15 Chengdu Moca Sculptures and Drawings by Tony Cragg Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-07-06~2012-07-12 Dandeli Art Space Exhibition of Amy Leung's Work Passed
Hubei Province-Wu Han 2012-06-29~2012-07-28 Dachu Art Origination... Eyes Everywhere: East and West Women Artists Passed
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