City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-01~2007-09-16 Big Warehouse Two Years Anniversary of Big Warehouse Group... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-01~2007-09-11 Zhu Jiajiao 2007 New View · Shanghai · New Media Art E... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-26~2007-09-23 Imagine Gallery The Deep of Ease: Banana Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-07~2007-09-10 Fei Contemporary Art ... Self-taught Society -- Exhibition in Deviation Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-16~2007-10-26 BB Gallery “Light & Color”--Abstract Painting of Famou... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-18~2007-09-18 Gao Brothers Art Cen... Age of Big Construction--Han Bing Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-23~2007-09-15 Keumsan Gallery Wang Ningde and Toshihiro Yashiro Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-01~2007-09-29 Taikang Top Space Box Space, Space Box--Ma Qiusha’s Photogra... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-04~2007-09-20 Eastlink-Shanghai Waving - Shu Yong Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-25~2007-10-07 Platform China Water Division--Jin Shan Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-08~2007-10-06 Art Seasons Beijing Blooms of Frailty - Zhang Peng Solo Exhibiti... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-04~2007-10-31 140sqm Gallery Alternative Landscape--New Works by Zhang Ji... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-07~2007-10-20 Oriental Vista Art C... Destination-Installation Art Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-25~2007-09-20 3818 Cool Gallery The Solo Exhibition for the Art Works of Zho... Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2007-08-25~2007-09-09 Guang Dong Museum of ... Wang Zhaomin Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-08~2007-10-08 NUMBER M CENT... Ink Dance--Jiang Qionger New Work Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-25~2007-09-08 Xin Beijing Lao Da’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-25~2007-09-17 TRA Gallery Photography Works of Wang Peng Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-18~2007-09-14 Rain Gallery Apocalypse Past Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-06~2007-09-22 Sanshang Art Reverse Return--Wang Xiaosong Solo Exhibitio... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-08-27~2007-10-30 Cetus Gallery “Dressing” Contemporary Photography Exhibiti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-28~2007-10-18 Yan Club Arts Center Oil paintings by Hu Ming Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-22~2007-10-15 Feizi Gallery Pei Jing’s Solo Exhibition –Revolutionary S... Passed
Neimenggu-Eerduosi 2007-08-26~2008-02-25 Ordos Art Museum Arrogance and Romance Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2007-08-16~2007-09-09 Guangdong Museum of A... The Tough of Soft--Wang Fan Sculpture Exhib... Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2007-08-15~2007-09-02 Guan Shanyue Art Mus... Australia Three Artists Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2007-09-01~2007-10-30 O C T Contemporary A... Wang Luyan Solo Exhibition Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-08-25~2007-11-25 Röda Sten Göteborgs International Biennial for Cont... Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-11-01~2007-11-04 7th Regiment Armory IFPDA Print Fair 2007 Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-04~2007-09-09 Creation Center of Sh... Han Feng--Made in China 2007 Passed
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