City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-26~2007-09-23 Imagine Gallery Laurens Tan Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-08-11~2007-09-09 Gallery 55 My Private Idaho Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-08-10~2007-08-25 Zendai Museum of Mode... Kitsch Puppets Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-10-26~2007-11-11 BizArt Art Center The Past - The Forgotten Time Six Indonesia... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-10-13~2007-10-19 BizArt Art Center Shi Yong’s Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-15~2007-09-28 BizArt Art Center Exhibition of Jee Eun Park (Korea) and Li P... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-05~2007-09-10 BizArt Art Center 2007 Pierre Huber Creation Prize Nominees Ex... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-08-25~2007-08-31 BizArt Art Center HuangKui’s Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-11~2007-08-20 Beijing Jindu Art Ce... So Large!——Zhang Guolong`s Grand Oil Pai... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-11~2007-09-11 Beijing Huantie Art M... Song Zhuang Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-11~2007-09-09 Tokyo Art Gallery+BT... Asian Body--Architecture and Design Exhibitio... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-01~2007-10-31 Xin Dong Cheng Space... Beyond Painting-Works by Zhong Biao Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-05~2007-08-12 Beijing World Art Mu... 2008 Olympic View Sculpture Exhibition Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-08-27~2007-09-15 Hanart T Z Gallery Feng Mengbo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-11~2007-11-11 China National Art M... The Third National Chinese Painting Exhibiti... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-01~2007-09-30 Artist Village Galler... Expression of Current Living State—HaShiYo... Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-09-06~2007-10-05 Berlin Art Center in ... Chinablue in Berlin Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-08-10~2007-08-28 Zendai Museum of Mode... Ribbentrop’s Living Room Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-04~2007-08-31 Gallery Beijing Space "We" ZhangXinJun Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-04~2007-09-04 Sunshine Museum Micro-Expression Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-04~2007-09-04 Sunshine Museum Transformation—Shen Junjie Oil Paintings Ex... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-09-23~2007-11-18 White Space Beijing Yang Maoyuan--Trace of the Time Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2007-08-04~2007-08-31 Lin & Keng Gallery Men Men Seli Entertainment Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-06~2007-08-20 PIFO New Art Stud... Proper Publication Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-18~2007-08-26 China National Art M... Zheng Shuang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-16~2007-11-15 Capital Museum Beijin... Pan Yuliang Painting Exhibition Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-07-23~2007-08-17 Chambers Fine Art Movements: Paintings by Shen Wei Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-09-07~2007-10-07 Contrasts Gallery "In Transience..." The Memorial Exhibition of... Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2007-09-01~2007-09-30 Eslite Gallery Guo Xuda Solo Exhibition--Made in New York Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-08-05~2007-09-02 F5 Art Space Lu Zhou Solo Exhibition Passed
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