City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-23~2007-07-20 3818 Cool Gallery The Group Exhibition for the Art Works of Wa... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-07~2007-08-10 Rain Gallery Contemporary Advent Photography Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-23~2007-07-20 Aura Gallery Luo Quanmu Paintings 2000-2007 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-28~2007-08-19 Red Gate Gallery (798... Art Documents by Jiang Weitao Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-19~2007-07-31 Red Gate Gallery The First MAAPS International Printmaking... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-14~2007-06-24 Fun Art Space Phora--Ann Hamilton Solo Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-07-05~2007-07-26 Eastlink-Shanghai Attitude I Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-01~2007-07-29 TOKYO Gallery Waza Kuya Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-23~2007-07-23 Pyo Gallery Tian Shixin Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-11~2007-06-25 Besuo Art Gallery Zhu Liang Oil Painting Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-23~2007-07-23 798 Photo Gallery The Photography of Wu Qi--Daytime Never Und... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-17~2007-06-30 XYZ Gallery Road to China-Ekkehard Stoevesand Solo Exhib... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-16~2007-07-02 Kingart Photo Gallery From Lost Eden To Nansha Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-01~2007-07-31 Qin Gallery Qin Gallery Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-07-01~2007-07-18 Qin Gallery The State of hutongs--A Modern Oil Painting ... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-16~2007-07-15 Mountain Art The Beauty of Silence-Wang Longsheng Solo E... Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-05-25~2007-06-02 Cinema Sala Trevi Rome International Documentary Festival Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-31~2007-06-22 Today Art Museum “China-Africa-America”by José de Guimarāe... Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-05-31~2007-05-31 Schoeni Art Gallery Yoga from the Heart Photo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-07-31 Pekin Fine Art Huang Zhiyang: Zoon-Beijing Bio & Zhang Ou:... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-06-26 Kuang Art Space Inverted Reflection in Water Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2006-05-26~2006-06-26 La Gallery Reflection--Cui Wei Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-06-17 Tang Contemporary Art Hallucination--Zhao Nengzhi Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-06-17 Red Gate Gallery (798... Tibet Contemporary Passed
Chongqing-Chongqing 2007-05-27~2007-06-11 H2 Art Space Pang Xuan's Solo Exhibition : Anabios Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-06-10 JF Art Gallery Time.Roomage-Zhang GuoLong Solo Exhibition Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-05-25~0000-00-00 Art Beatus Art Taipei 2007-Art Beatus Gallery (D-07) Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-26~2007-06-28 Twolines Gallery A Gang of Eight Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-20~2007-06-20 Original Gallery Joint Exhibition by Song Xueyang and Ge Xiud... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-29~2007-06-04 Zendai Museum of Mode... Comrades--Liu Yong Solo Exhibition Passed
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