City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-19~2007-05-29 The Room with A View Wind Reach in the Blue Hills--Walter Lam Pa... Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2007-05-18~2007-05-27 Museum of Guangzhou F... 2007 Postgraduates Exhibition of Guangzhou Fin... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-12~2007-05-20 Creation Art Gallery “Homage to the Great Masters”:Wei Shaodong... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-19~2007-06-04 East Red Gallery "One Man One Year"--Shanghai Contemporary A... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-23~2007-07-05 The Room with A View Withered-Impression--Solo Exhibition By John... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-09~2007-06-22 The Room with A View Evolutionism ——Solo exhibition by Hu Xingyi Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-01~2007-06-30 NY Arts Beijing Spa... Mixing it Up Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-01~2007-06-30 NY Arts Beijing Spa... Crossing the Pond Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-06-15~2007-07-03 Art Beatus Chairplay II-Works of Freeman Lau Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-14~2007-07-15 China Art Seasons Garden--Maze of the Middle Class Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-30~2007-07-20 BizArt Art Center Welcome back into the world of Bird’s Head! B... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-09~2007-06-23 BizArt Art Center Renown--Zhou Xiaohu’s solo exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-02~2007-07-01 Potential Gallery Today or Tomorrow-Chen Nong and Li Yue Phot... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-06-02~2007-06-30 Eastlink-Shanghai Wang Qiang--A Retorspective 1994-2007 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-02~2007-06-30 Gallery Beijing Space "Job Water" Li Yin Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-02~2007-06-28 Gao Brothers Art Cen... ...Since... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-02~2007-06-24 TSI Gallery Difference Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-01~2007-07-31 Le Cafe Igosso Moon Walk Way Passed
Fujian-Fuzhou 2007-06-01~2007-06-17 Xiamen University Art... Silhouettes of Memory Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-20~2007-06-04 Zendai Museum of Mode... Power Space--QU Yan’s Solo Exhibition Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-05-15~2007-06-30 Galerie Anderas Binde... Game in the Forest-Jin Yangping & Shadows-Yu... Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-05-12~2007-06-17 Kerseboom Gallery Yuji Solo exhibition--As Smoke and Clouds Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-10~2007-05-23 Art Labor Gallery The New Noir Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-10~2007-05-14 798 Space The Korea-China Modern Art Exhibition Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-05-17~2007-06-14 Main Gallery Behind--Painting Exhibition by Mok Wai Hong Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-05~2007-06-03 Anni Art The Depth of Ease Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2007-05-03~2007-05-25 798 Avant Gallery Xing Junqin--Camouflage World Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-05-03~2007-05-06 Today Art Museum Hong Lei Solo Exhibition--Seven Worthies Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-05-01~2007-06-30 MoCA Shanghai Art in American: Now Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-04-29~2007-05-07 The Room with A View Abandoned Homes--Photo Show by Hua Ke-jian Passed
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