City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-04-28~2007-05-07 The Room with A View Light and Shadow on Nanjing Road:Zhang Chunf... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-04-20~2007-04-28 The Room with A View Wind From East Asia Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-29~2007-05-29 TSI Gallery New Curator Project Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-28~2007-05-28 Top Red Art In & Out--2007 China Contemporary Art Exhibi... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-28~2007-05-15 Mingart gallery The Human of Moutain Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-28~2007-05-12 TSI Gallery Human • plants-Ren Rong Solo Exhibition Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2007-04-26~2007-05-26 10 Chancery Lane Gall... Changing Weather Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-06-26~2007-09-16 White Space Beijing Miao Xiaochun: H2O — A Study of Art Histo... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-26~2007-05-26 Palace Museum Universe in the Mind: 60 Years of Painting by ... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2007-04-24~2007-05-16 Eastlink-Shanghai Scene Untitled Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2007-04-22~2007-06-17 Beijing Long March S... Nono-Self curated exhibition of latest works by ... Passed
北京-北京 0000-00-00~0000-00-00 88艺术文献仓库 english exhibit 1 Passed
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