City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2012-05-10~2012-05-20 Today Art Museum Signs and Secret by Hwang Young-Sung Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-05-12~2012-07-07 Pace Beijing Hiroshi Sugimoto’s First Solo Show in China... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-05-12~2012-06-03 Eastation Gallery Static by Xu Ruotao and Na Buqi Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-05-13~2012-06-15 ShanghART Beijing Close to the Sea & The Revival of the Snake b... Passed
USA-Katonah 2012-03-25~2012-09-02 Katonah Museum of Art... Rising Dragon:Contemporary Chinese Photograph... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-03-04~2012-05-31 Longmen Art Projects Sparrow God Funky Bird–Ye Yongqing 2012 Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2012-04-14~2012-05-27 Gallery 100 Ash-Scape: A Solo Exhibition by Zhang Huan Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-22~2012-05-05 Chinese Academy of Oi... Story and Lengend:Thirty Years Art Pursuit o... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-15~2012-04-30 Sanlitun Soho Xuan Qing Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-12~2012-04-15 China World Trade Ce... China International Gallery Exposition (CIG... Passed
Abroad-Abroad 2012-04-12~2012-05-18 Yang Gallery Blind Spots Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-16~2012-05-15 ShanghART Beijing Shen Fan Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-18~2012-04-29 China National Art M... Kong Baiji Oil Paintings Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-22~2012-04-29 Today Art Museum Li Zhiqiang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-21~2012-05-31 Cao Chang Di Art Di... Cao Changdi Photo Spring 2012 Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-21~2012-05-06 Fei Gallery Fu Yufei & Cai Yushan Group Exhibition Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-04-28~2012-05-13 Shanghai Duolun Museu... Fine Art of Tibet Plateau by Gu Bing Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-04-28~2012-05-28 Aura Gallery Flowers--Nobuyoshi Araki Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-13~2012-06-03 Arario Beijing Memento Mori Group Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-29~2012-05-02 Agricultural Exhibitio... Art Beijing 2012—Seleted Contemporary Fine A... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-07~2012-04-20 Hi Art Store Space·Line: Liu Dimeng Solo Exhibition Passed
US-Los Angels 2012-04-08~2012-07-30 Los Angels Contempora... Ladder: Cai Guoqiang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-30~2012-04-18 San Mu International ... Mrs Yong Sun Mazzucchelli's Ink Paintings E... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-25~2012-05-27 UCCA(Ullens Center... Gu Dexin:The Important Thing is Not the Mea... Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2012-03-26~2012-04-08 CAFA Art Museum S... The So Group Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-24~2012-05-02 ShanghART Beijing "Zhuiku Tablet" Annotation--Chen Xiaoyun Sol... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-03-31~2012-04-07 Duolun Museum of Mode... Brain Fashion Passed
Taiwan-Taipei 2012-03-31~2012-04-29 Soka-Art Taipei Gaze--Group Exhibition Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2012-03-24~2012-04-13 Guangdong Times Art M... Vanishing Techniques--Photography of Jeon Bou... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-24~2012-06-24 Hong Kong Contemporar... Lord--Zhao Hongchen Solo Exhibition Passed
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