City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-18~2012-05-05 Chunchi Art Micro-Control Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-03-24~2012-05-11 OFOTO Gallery Re-reenactment:Chen Nong, Wang Tong Photogra... Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-03-30~2012-05-27 Vanguard Gallery Showtime Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-10~2012-04-20 Eastation Gallery Post Card Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-17~2012-04-22 Asia Art Center These Years--Sun Xun Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing -Beijing 2012-03-02~2012-04-15 CAFA Art Museum S... Sculptures and Drawings by Tony Cragg Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-03-07~2012-03-20 Shanghai Art Museum Tang Yonggang Oil Paintings Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-03~2012-04-03 Iberia Center for Con... Bald Girls--Group Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-04~2012-04-15 Other Gallery Made in Russia by Nine Contemporary Russian A... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-03~2012-03-17 EGG Gallery Let's go to China Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-03~2012-04-07 Soka Art Center Direction--Group Art Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-03~2012-04-29 Galerie Urs Meile The Nightmare--Li Zhanyang Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-03-03~2012-04-08 Triumph Art Space Journey of Fantasy--Zhang Tianmu Art Exhibit... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-26~2012-03-20 Yuan Art Museum Walk Alone:Solo Exhibition of Francesca Bren... Passed
Guangdong-Guangzhou 2012-02-18~2012-03-31 Redtory The Pictorial Modernism Poster Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-04-21~2012-05-30 Three Shadows Hisaji Hara Photography Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-25~2012-04-08 UCCA(Ullens Center... Inside A Book A House of Gold:Artists' Edi... Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2012-02-12~2012-03-11 He Xiangning Art Mus... How Earth is Earth--Yu Huijian Oil Painting... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-11~2012-03-11 Mizuma & One Gallery Scene not moving Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-02-11~2012-03-23 OFOTO Gallery Daniele Dainelli Photography Exhibition Passed
Guangdong-Shenzhen 2012-02-11~2012-03-11 He Xiangning Art Mus... Works by Xiaowen Chen:Foreign to Oneself Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-02-14~2012-02-28 Shanghai Duolun Museu... The Magic of the Mexican Stamp Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-18~2012-03-11 Being 3 Art Gallery Zhang Zhaohui:Narcissus Beyond The Myth Passed
Shanghai-Shanghai 2012-02-18~2012-03-18 Shanghai Gallery of A... Fang Wei Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-18~2012-03-03 Enjoy Museum of Art Wang Shuping Contemporary Art Tour Exhibitio... Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-19~2012-02-26 Today Art Museum Season--Children's Art Exhibition Passed
Taiwan-Tainan 2012-02-19~2012-03-25 Soka-Art Taiwan Lin Yijun & Huang Yanjun Solo Exhibition Passed
Beijing-Beijing 2012-02-25~2012-03-25 Magician Space ... Mont Sainte-Victoir by Li Ran Passed
Sichuan-Chengdu 2012-02-28~2012-05-01 Chengdu Moca 2012 Picasso Exhibition--Chengdu Passed
Hongkong-HongKong 2012-02-02~2012-02-22 Art Beatus He Shuyan New Works Exhibition Passed
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