City Time Place Exhibition Title  
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2012-10-27~2012-11-02 Zhejiang Art Museum Line and Phenomenon——Solo Exhibition of Liu... Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2011-05-27~2011-05-30 Hangzhou Peace Intern... Art Hangzhou 2011 Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2011-05-06~2011-05-15 Zhejiang Art Museum Boundless Momentum--Hong Ling Solo Exhibitio... Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2011-04-15~2011-05-15 Invisible Landscape Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2008-01-19~2008-02-19 Hangzhou Wan Fung Ar... The Grand Opening of Hangzhou Wan Fung Art ... Passed
Zhejiang-Hangzhou 2008-01-19~2008-02-29 Hangzhou Image Galler... Exhibition of CaoLi's New Work Passed
Zhejiang-Ningbo 2007-12-25~2008-01-13 Ning Bo Museum of Ar... Homeland Homeland Passed
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