Ju Ming: Living World Series Sculpture Exhibition
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2010-07-19~2010-08-13 
Venue: China National Art Museum 
Contact: Ms. Ann Lee (Dept. Manager) Tel.: 886-2-24989940#1101 Cell Phone: 886-918-162-180 Ms. Miranda Liu Tel.: 886-2-24989940#1003 Cell Phone: 886-922-334-801  
Exhibition Preface:
Ju Ming is an internationally renowned art master from Taiwan. The Living World Series, created after his Nativist and Taichi Series, is one of the three core themes of his artistic creations. In 2006, an exhibition titled “Ju Ming – Taichi Series Sculpture Exhibition” was held in the National Art Museum of China in Beijing (NAMOC). The highlight of this exhibition – the Taichi Series, was passionately embraced by its audiences. In continuation of the successful collaboration, the Juming Museum and the NAMOC hence decided to promote Ju’s sculptures again by launching another large-scale exhibition focusing on the Living World Series in July 2010.

The exhibition will highlight some of the most important works from the Living World Series since the 1980s. Spectators will not only be introduced to a comprehensive development process of the Ju’s works, but be presented with the debut of his latest work – Living World Series – Imprisonment. The exhibition will be a great introduction for those hoping to understand Ju’s diversified, and vigorous world of art.