Ecology and Homeland - 2010·The Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Curator: China Federation of Literary and Art Circles,People's Government of Beijing Municipality,Chinese Artists Association  
Date: 2010-09-20~2010-10-04 
Venue: China National Art Museum 
Host: http://www.namoc.org/en/ 
Contact: 1 Wusi Dajie, East District,Beijing, China, 100010  
Exhibition Preface:
Since the establishment in 2003, the Beijing International Art Biennale (Beijing Biennale for short) has been successfully held for three times and is an international art exhibition jointly sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Beijing City Government, and the China Artists Association.

Ecological environmental problems are a focus gaining widespread concerns in the world currently, and the global ecological crisis needs us to jointly react. It is an obligatory social esponsibility needing to be undertaken by contemporary artists to call on people to protect and improve the ecological environment and maintain and construct the common home of mankind's survival with the art form. With ecology and homeland as a theme and backed-up by the Ministry of Culture, the Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale, through more than one year preparation by the Organizing Committee and detailed confirmation with art organizations in more than 100 nations, will exhibit more than 500 pieces of painting, sculpture, installation, video and miscellaneous works at the Art Museum of China from September 20 to October 4. These works concentrate on showing art thinking of the global artists in earth's ecological problems, and their different artistic style and enthusiasm of caring for the earth home together by multi-angle images, and more comprehensively reflecting contemporary art environment in the globe. Some nations, such as Cameroon, Costarica, Dominique, Luxemburg, and Salvador take part in the exhibition for the first time. Besides theme exhibition, there Chile Special Exhibition and Austria Special Exhibition that will mainly display contemporary art with distinctive style in the two nations.