Unrelated to Parading:Irrelevant Commission’s Solo Exhibition
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2012-06-23~2012-07-22 
Opening: 2012-06-23 
Venue: Platform China 
Exhibition Preface:
Irrelevant Commission has been underway with a project called "Unrelated to Parading", this project is meant to create a new language for strikers, to dedicate a legal action, using the action to uphold perceptions of the society, and through prepended fixed actions that the perception is conveyed. This exhibition collects all the projects Irrelevant Commission has produced, it is not to put an end, instead it is a temporal report consist of different forms of the project, using an over sensitized public action to raise discussion of possible resolves.

Since Irrelevant Commission was founded in 2011, the collective has contributed to the wider use of artworks as an approach to energize and practice public action, rather than performing in order to be performed.