Scene Untitled
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City: Shanghai~Shanghai 
Date: 2007-04-24~2007-05-16 
Venue: Eastlink 
Exhibition Preface:
Li Wei has always used paint as his artistic medium. His early work witnessed a period of expressionist “colour experiments” but more recently he has applied his highly honed technical skills to create photograph-like images reminiscent of the night-effect blue filter lenses, popular in Chinese cinema during the 80s.

“Scene Untitled” builds on this body of work. Each tableau depicts some unrevealed story focusing on the human condition. A mood of depressive pessimism floods the work, heightened by the darkened palette, and yet there is a poetic emotion which is highly engaging. The paintings seem to represent the voice of compassion, producing empathy for all that is unjust, frustrating and lost in Chinese society today. They are a tribute to the disenfranchised.

Li Wei was born in 1975 in Feng Cheng, Liaoning province. He trained as a painter at the LuXun Academy of Fine Art. The artist lives and works in Shenyang.