New Curator Project
Articles Concerned
Exhibitions Concerned
City: Beijing~Beijing 
Curator: Liang Kegang 
Date: 2007-04-29~2007-05-29 
Opening: 2007-04-29 13:30 
Venue: TSI Gallery 
Exhibition Preface:
I have been in Chinese contemporary art world for many years. In 2005, I established Beijing TS1 contemporary Art Center, which gave me the occasion to meet Chinese artists, curators and critics. And that is how I got the idea of “New Curator Project.”

Following the changes of Chinese politics and the quick economic development, contemporary art had a great evolution these last years in china. More and more outstanding artists, critics and art organizations appear in our eyes. Some of them have been famous internationally. Though we have seen a bright new world of Chinese contemporary art and artists, but there are only a few excellent young curators and critics accordingly. Many big and well know galleries invite successful curators to organize exhibitions for them, even though .But I discovered that many of the young curators were outstanding many of them had been assistants of famous curators and critics for international exhibitions. In fact, I knew that they have lost of ideas and abundant experiences in organizing exhibition. What was missing was only to give them a chance.

That is why I organized the “New Curator Project” which let young Chinese people, get involved on the art scene. The central idea of the project is to give them a chance to organize themselves their own exhibition, and to show their talent. It is for them the first time they have the opportunity to organize an exhibition alone. They might face new difficulties they have not met yet .That is the reason why Beijing TS1 contemporary Art Center will supply all the help they need outlay ,hall for exhibition, manpower, etc.

“New Curator project” is a long-term and far-ranging project. The first stage will last 5 years. Every year, there will be two chances given to young people in the spring and autumn. Each time, our counselors, Chinese and international critics, curators, artists and directors of art organizations we invited, will choose the most excellent 6 young curators from all the applicants. So, each year, there will be 12 lucky young men, who will in our center and contend for awards. At the same time, we will fetch in some art funds and recommend them to international famous art movements. I hope that, in the future, “New Curator Project” will have an ingwence on the art world.

The movement will show next spring for the first time. The 6 chosen yang people are Chen Dayang, Sheng Wei, Wang Xueqin, Wang Xueyu, Wang Yan, Zhou Wenhan. Some of them are undergraduates and graduates of art academies, the others are art journalists. They will organize 6 unique and new exhibitions for us. These exhibitions have different subject, but their unity lays in our will to develop Chinese contemporary. The work and the efforts that these 6 yang people provide touch me deeply. Among their subject, Chen Dayang organizes his exhibition using a Buddhism concept “KING KONG GENE”; Sheng Wei named his exhibition “THE STORY OF HAIR”, which is a reduction of Chinese contemporary art history and shows some’of the problems of Chinese contemporary art. Wang Xueqing invites some young artists and exposes the process of her organization in her “NO YOU.NO ME”; In Wang Xueyu’s “TRUST THE FUTRUE”, each artist she choosed exhibits his/her idea of future for art and society; Wang Yan’s exhibition is “TELL YOU THE SECRET OF CONDOLATORY GROUP OF PANDA MEN”; Zhou Wenhan invite some amateurish artists, abandon common painting and photography in his “SO REALISTIC TODAY” trying to change the manner of art show.

Through the works and artists they chose, these new curators express their own point of view on the art-world. let’s share their hopes and their dreams. I wish more and more new curators will have their in our center in the future.

Liang Kegang
The Creator of Beijing TS1 Contemporary Art Center
April 18, 2007
Songzhuang, Beijing, China