Wind From East Asia
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City: Shanghai~Shanghai 
Date: 2007-04-20~2007-04-28 
Opening: 2007-04-20 17:00 
Venue: The Room with A View 
Exhibition Preface:
"Wind From East Asia", Contemporary Art Exhibition (Third stop)

The Japanese artist Oyama Tadashi continues his exhaustive search for an aesthetic languarge to represent contemporary East Asian art. The third stop of Wind From East Asia, Contemporary Art Exhibition exhibits works by Japanese, Korean and Chinese artists who explore a variety of themes and issues. Sponserd by KIM Jong-Su Commemoration Business Promotion Business Group, Korean.

The Japanese artist Oyama Tadashi keeps searching the visual aesthetics which can represent the contemporary art of East Asia. So he travels between China, Japan and Korea to look for his partners and held many exhibitions in the three countries.The third stop of “Wind From East Asia”, Contemporary Art Exhibition will exhibite the works by Japanese artists: Yoichiro TATSURUHAMA, Tadashi OYAMA, Yuko KAWAGUCHI; Korean artists: Kum-joo, KANG; Kim, Miro; Kim, Hyun-Sik; Chinese artists: Joey Ho from Macau, Xiao Xiaolan from Shanghai; Leimin from Guangxi and Yang Xuan from Jiangsu. The exhibition shows that all the artists from China, Japan and Korea begin to gaze at their heart again, they also find the existence of peace which is the precondition of the gaze. Such gaze is certainly impossible to return to a traditional extreme peace, it is a result of modernity affecting the individual.