A Poetic study in the North ¨C the Forth Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Together We Go
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2007-12-01~2007-12-15 
Opening: 2007-12-01 
Venue: China National Art Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
Together We Go goes by 6 years. And in these days of bending together with the culture of China and the west,it insists its ideal of paying attention of the nature in the heart and the folk-custom of China by the realism. This exhibition is the third oil painting exhibition in the 6 years by the artists in Together We Go, and it is the centralized display of the works in 2007. It may be the chance to communication in the study level, and it will show the importance of the realistic oil paintings in the art creation today. We can find the hardheaded spirits of the realistic oil painters from the artists of Together We Go. They were digging into the deeper spirit of the oil paintings when feeling the nature of the art of oil paintings.