New Era· New Guangxi· New Painting School
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2007-12-13~2007-12-26 
Opening: 2007-12-13 
Venue: China National Art Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
This Exhibition of Works of Lijiang Painting School is the individuation exploration and description of the landscape culture and social customs in the south of China, standing on the height of the history culture and art system, by the artists insisting the art dreams in the South. It is the centralized exhibition of the Style of New Idyll Pictures in Modern South of China. New Era· New Guangxi· New Painting School not only showed the feasibility of the development of Lijiang Painting School in the new century, but also show the closed relationship between the Lijiang Painting School and Chinese art systems or human geography.

This exhibition plans to unify the force and source of the local art, and established a fresh character and style of the folk art. And it plans to show the artists, the art styles and the art school in China and in the world. This exhibition held by National Art Museum of China, will do a technical display and research of the development of the new era local art, for the purpose of searching for the direction of Lijiang Painting School from the macroscopic angle.