Bao Pao Solo Exhibition
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2008-01-27~2008-02-02 
Opening: 2008-01-27 
Venue: Today Art Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
Bao Pao is a pagan in the Chinese contemporary art world.

After “The Star Group”, he extended his creation in many other relative fields, such as architecture, environmental design and so on.

In recent years he has played an active role as an art critic and activist. But no matter how his status changes, he keeps the same concern and focus on human civilization and its developing process.

His ten exhibited works of various material and style, which is a display of the artist’s work for the last three years, expresses the artist’s deep concerns of the embarrassing situation of human beings in the development of our civilization and the interweave, conflicts and difficulties as the metamorphosis of this civilization exposes it’s self.