Miscellany of the Sichuan Fine Art Institution - 2008 Show in Beijing
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2008-02-16~2008-02-28 
Opening: 2008-02-16 
Venue: Today Art Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
“Miscellany of Sichuan Fine Art Institution - 2008 Show in Beijing” consists two parts:

1.) Chinese paintings with the title ”The Exploration of contemporary Chinese Painting of Feng Bin and his after graduated students” (directed and curated by Zhou Yuejin, head of the Art History Department of CAFA) ;

2.) Oil paintings of Sichuan Fine Art Institution with the title “New Oil Painters Are Growing” (directed and curated by Feng Bin, director of the museum of Sichuan Fine Art Institution).

The fifty participating artists are going to give an overall view of the new, contemporary artist group of the institution.