Cang Xin's Mythology
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2008-03-05~2008-03-15 
Opening: 2008-03-05 
Venue: Today Art Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
By using the five basic elements that make up nature, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Soil, Cang Xin injects his spiritual experience about human value and the universe into the explanation of contemporary art.

He challenges the un-rational deviation made by traditional knowledge of mythology with the form of pure art, displays the concrete images of surrealism which is extremely rich in imagination .

Cang Xin’s art not only recreates a miraculous and a mysterious legend through the metaphor of art, but also bases this art on Chinese traditional philosophy and the psychological need of the public of today.

This exhibition fully expresses the questions and attacks what the artist has derived from the practical society that has developed at such a rapid pace and proposes the disposition of returning to the ancient order, belief and etiquette.