Beautiful New World--Contemporary Visual Culture Japan
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City: Guangdong~Guangzhou 
Date: 2007-12-25~2008-01-20 
Opening: 2007-12-25 
Venue: Guangdong Museum of Art 
Exhibition Preface:
Mankind has been searching for a new, improved society in a new, improved world for ages. With the advent of technology and the growing trend of globalization, many have hoped that the millennium would bring a new era of peace. However, earthquakes and economic crises in the 1990s have brought doubt into the hearts of the rising Japanese. Add growing tensions in international relations to the picture, and the idea of a peaceful era seems very far away indeed. Inspired by the anti-utopian sentiments in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, this exhibition shows contemporary Japanese culture in three parts: 1) The Beautiful Real World, 2) The New Media World, and 3) The Apocalypse and the Future World.

The exhibition is held to celebrate the smooth relation between China and Japan that has now lasted 35 years. We hope that it will provoke thoughts on how society should be viewed in this age of global complexities.