A Special Exhibition of Pan Yu-liang's Work Focused on Feminine Appeal
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City: Jiangsu~Suzhou 
Date: 2008-03-08~2008-05-08 
Opening: 2008-03-08 
Venue: Suzhou Museum 
Exhibition Preface:
Through the teleplays and films, the people have known Pan Yu-liang. She showed her painting talent and unique spirit when she faced her unfortunate fate and the unfair society at that time. All her life, Pan struggled against the traditional restrictions. In the chaotic period of the Republic of China (1912-1949), Pan Yu-liang made her remarkable artistic achievements.

Pan Yu-liang, who had produced more than 6000 pieces of works and gained many international awards, could not be replaced in the art history. The westerns consider that Pan was a master emerging art trends like expressionism and realism. Actually, Pan Yu-liang was a pioneer to form a creation style that combines characteristics of both Chinese classical elegance and western romantic soul. She successfully put the lines of ink painting into her western style compositions and made abundant colors and painting skills of the western painting penetrate into Chinese painting. Pan became the only female artist performing on the international painting stage in the modern Chinese history.

The images of nude women, a main theme of Pan's works, are pure, sensitive and affecting, which she pursued inflexibly in her whole life. Pan observed the female body with a different perspective from her female peers. Pan laid emphasis on the depiction of their vitality, the healthy beauty and maternity.

Pan Yu-liang was an outstanding female representative for her life and art at that time. Pan used her whole life to create, strengthen and spread the beauty in her eyes. Through the baptism and trial of the time, Pan led the new spirit and aesthetic judgment of the Chinese female artist. That is Pan Yu-liang’s “soul in her painting”.

Arts Feature
Pan Yuliang insists that art should be traditional but characteristic as well as it should achieve the grand combination of Chinese arts and western arts. Her works are well describing the social background of her times, when the western arts were gradually influencing the Chinese.

Oil paintings
Oil paintings are the essences of Pan’s works. Her oil paintings, especially the works produced after 1930’s were delight, colorful and graceful, which well reflects her painting skills and some imitations from impressionism and impressionism. Meanwhile, the eastern sentiment endows this works with Pan’s characteristic. The traditional Chinese arts and folk arts are the basic elements in her works.

Colored Ink Paintings
Pan’s human figure paintings with colored ink are combinations of western arts and traditional Chinese arts. It based on the ling drawing, combined the colors applying of Chinese painting and the divisionism together, made the painting a little exaggerated, the girls under her brush were plump, always bore a mild expression, full of appeals.

The pencil sketches of Pan reveal her intelligence and diligence. It is the line drawings which are most attractive. Her lines absorb the spirit of Chinese calligraphy. They depict the softness and freeness of human bodies with their flexibility. We cannot help acclaiming their perfections.

Self-portrait (1940)
The figure of Pan Yu Liang is in the black skirt with flowers veins. Her hair is wrapping around shoulders. She is sitting up straight to the table which has white table cloth and an ancient China pink-bluish glazed vase filled with beautiful flowers. The entire view of this painting expresses an atmosphere of Chinese style of classicality and also gives us the mood of Pan’s attaching to the Chinese culture when she lived abroad. The color of this work is abundant with clear and simple painting style.

In the year 1940, the World War II was just broken out. Paris was occupied by Fascists. Pan lived in the country-yard of Paris and could not stop missing her family relations and motherland in the war.

The painting is about the author herself. She wears a beautiful garment, leaning on the window and looking ahead. There is a basin of peony blossom in front of her. Mrs. Pan used this painting to express her homesickness.

Sitting by the window(1946)
There is a naked woman sitting in front of the window, looking up, and thinking. The body is proportional, applying with bright and imposing color, stressed by the balance of light.

Mrs. Pan paid attention on the sense of reality of the body, as well as the relation of different spaces. She absorbed the skill of European contemporary oil painting, and applied in her own styled works.

The back
This work of line drawing was finished soon after Pan Yu Liang went to France. The painter uses clear and simple black lines to make the outline of one sitting female’s back with her head lowering down.

Playing the Cards(1957)
This work gives us a view of a quite and placid woman who is simple and plain dressed. The blank space of this picture is full of colored spots and crossing long-and-short lines which makes the background simple.

Because of living abroad for long time, Pan Yu Liang may have such feeling of fatalism, especially more obvious in her later life. Does this woman who is playing cards like Pan herself, doesn’t it?

Fan Dance(1955)
There are two women in green and red respectively in the painting named Double Dance, it gives us the illusion of the Tao Huawu wood painting which is very famous in Suzhou.

There is a young girl wearing a colored pajamas on the paper, the waist-belt has two small balls on two ends. She is sitting on a stool, her left hand catches a comb, while right hand catches her hair, and she is making up her hair carefully.

Nude Woman and Cat(1964)
It portrays a long-haired women’s view of her back. She is lying down on a narrow bed, playing with her pet, which is a colored cat. The cat is also watching at her master. The painting is warm colored, gives us an atmosphere of calmness and harmony.