Academy and Art-Wu Zuoren Centennial Exhibition
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2008-10-19~2008-10-28 
Venue: NAMOC 
Exhibition Preface:
Through the process of a Chinese modern art master being educated, Academy and Art – Wu Zuoren Centennial Exhibition means to show its audiences the art history in modern China, in which generations of Chinese studied abroad seeking the truth and method to revitalize the nation. As the successor of the first generation of oversea art students, Wu Zuoren was fully trained by the western art academy. Graduated as the top student who was awarded the gold medal at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels, he had contributed his whole life in the engagement of art education and construction academy of fine arts after coming back to China. Meanwhile he had been orderly positioned in Dean of Beiping Art College, and Dean, Vice President, President, Honorary President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. What those oversea students brought back from the west, and how to experiment and develop what they’ve learned or even failed by the limits and difficulties in the special period of China? The answers of these questions are going to be revealed in this exhibition. We hope that as a review of the past one hundred years Academy and Art – Wu Zuoren Centennial Exhibition could be a benefit experience on the way of further developing today’s Chinese art and Chinese culture.