Kim Kangyong's Solo Exhibition
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City: Beijing~Beijing 
Date: 2009-05-27~2009-06-07 
Venue: NAMOC 
Exhibition Preface:
My initial encounter with these "Reality+Image" of Kim Kang Yong was not entirely clear. I was visually confused when I first saw the reproductions in a catalog. What was I seeing? Piles of bricks?The illusion was so convincing. Were these paintings of common bricks about formal composition? If not, then what was their conceptual intention? Was there a Political message lurking beneath the surface? Was there an optical discourse of some kind? Were these paintings trying to evoke a sense of order and disorder in human history? Did they represent the antipodes of construction and rubble generated through war and natural disaster? What were they really about? The more questions I asked about Kim Kang Yong's paintings, the more I discovered something about myself. One of the truly marvelous aspects of writing about art of this caliber is the possibility of re-awakening the need for expression and discovery in painting. As I examined these remarkable and somewhat mysterious images, they begin to seep into the fibers of my consciousness my sense of reality, even my role as an art critic.

I believe these paintings to be extraordinary. I believe they are exceptional in how they test our innate perceptions and incite us to consider painting as a form of sensory knowledge.