International New Media Art Exhibition
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City: Beijing ~Beijing  
Date: 2009-07-11~2009-07-30 
Opening: 2009-7-11 4:00pm 
Venue: CAFA Art Museum Seminar Hall 
Exhibition Preface:
"ThisAbility" is an international new media art exhibition examining themes of human capability through creative transition of the senses. The exhibition features twenty one interactive electronic artworks mainly including: a digital musical instrument played by facial gestures; a visual block transforming Braille into sound; and a table converting your touch into light.

Just as all people have distinct figures, appearances and characteristics that which we may call “disability” is but a difference, not a defect. This exhibition presents artworks that invite a reappraisal of disability. Visitors enjoy creative alterations of auditory, visual, and tactile sensations that may cause them to question themselves; in the process, they may also re-examine bases of their social judgments. These artworks can spark revelations that break social prejudice and affirm difference.

In many countries, art society has sought new themes and expressive media to address the chaotic mix of contemporary life. Similarly, science and engineering have continued to develop toward better management of advancing technology. Appropriately, electronic arts have received much attention worldwide. However, in the last ten years, exhibitions with themes such as ‘the harmony of art and science,’ ‘interactive communication’ and ‘game play’ have focused only on aesthetic aspects, or the novelty of the genre itself. There has been a distinct lack of deeper consideration or examination of concrete socio-political issues.

Beyond pure expression, art may also stimulate our imagination and contribute to extending our frame of thought. We hope that the exhibition may help to roll back outdated notions of 'disability' in society that we may embrace our diversity and understand each other through the heart.