"Plastic Garden"of Korean Arts
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Extraordinary exhibition of works from the Museo Reina Sofia opens in Florence 2014-09-24
Exhibition presents overview of architectural interactions between France and Germany 2013-04-01
West Lake Int'l sculpture exhibition opens in Hangzhou 2012-11-29
Exhibition showcases portraiture's golden age 2012-09-11
MASLEN & MEHRA Transformed Museum Objects New London Exhibition 2012-08-30
Indian Art Exhibition Makes a Rare Stop in China 2012-08-15
China design exhibition 2012-08-14
Voyager/Rencontrer-Solo Exhibition of Robert Cahen at Minsheng Art Museum 2011-12-27
Bump INTO – Contemporary Art Exhibition of 15 Artists from China, Korea, Japan 2011-06-27
Poetry of Growth-The Exhibition of Migrant Children 2011-06-21