ShContemporary Art Fair Opens with Wary Dealers and an Academic Cast
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A major item on the program tomorrow is a workshop on Morandi. A mini-retrospective of the artist has been arranged with the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (MAMbo), with the support of the region of Emilia-Romagna. Three works from the Morandi Museum in Bologna are on show along with Paolo Ferrari’s photographs of Morandi's studio. The workshop, led by Chinnery, will feature an address by Gianfranco Maraniello, the director of MAMbo. Two eminent Chinese art academics from Hangzhou will discuss Morandi’s influence on Chinese modern and contemporary art.

As the Asian art market flourishes, it is also developing its own style. The SHContemporary handbook notes: "A massive network of knowledge and experience goes into creating a delicate balance between the artistic value and commercial value of contemporary art, but the peaks and troughs of the market every now and again throw everything into doubt. The contemporary art market is now larger than it has ever been in history, and the recent crisis is forcing new art markets to face this question for the first time."

For their part, the foreign gallerists were bullish. Newcomer to the SHContemporary, Kerslin Wahala from Berlin's Galerie Eigen+Art, was upbeat on the opening day. "I was impressed at the mixture of art and I was very impressed at the knowledge and enthusiasm the collectors had," she said.
Veteran exhibitor Christa Schuebbe, who has been with SHContemporary from its first year, said she believes that persistence is the key to success in the international market. "The so-called high quality galleries rush in here and if they do not sell everything at first they pack up and go home," Schuebbe explained. "They do this all over the world. It’s hard working with Chinese collectors. Their tastes are changing and of course they, like collectors anywhere, prefer to buy works from their own country. You have to persevere — this is a very strong, financially impressive market."

SHContemporay closes on Sunday September 12. Look for ARTINFO China's full report next week.



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