【Chinese Spring Auction 2011】Beijing Poly Spring Auction 2011, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy fetched 4.18 Billion RMB
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Beijing Poly Spring Auction 2011 which began on June 2, until June 5, its Chinese Painting and Calligraphy parts have finished with the total transaction price reached to 4.18 RMB, of which 80 lots sold over the price of 10Million.

Poly Spring Aucrion 2011

Among these parts, Wang Meng painting ‘Zhichuan Resettlement’ and Wu Guanzhong painting ‘Lion Woods’ are the highlights of Poly spring auction 2011.

Wu Guanzhong painting Lion woods sold for 115 Million RMB

June 3, at the scale of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art – Wu Guanzhong important works auction at night, all the 25 works have been sold out with the total transaction price 500Million which broke the record of Chinese artist solo auction. Among which Lion woods sold for 115 Million RMB.

Wang Meng painting Zhichuan Resettlement sold for 402.5 Million RMB

June 4, the wash painting of Yuan Dynasty Wang Meng Zhichuan Resettlement 402.5 Million at the night auction became the highest price of Poly spring auction 2011.

Chuang Daqian painting QINGAIXIANGE sold for 54.05 Million RMB

Over 10 scales of Modern Calligraphy and Painting totaled 2.07 Billion and Chuang Daqian painting QINGAIXIANGE sold for 54.05 Million at the Chinese Modern 12 Celebrities Painting night auction.

Zhou Sicong painting sold for 17.25 Million RMB

Contemporary Wash Painting transaction price reached to 200 Million, the transaction rate got 92%,and the total number is RMB 178 million. And three works from Lu Chen and Zhou Sicong are over RMB 10 million.

The scales of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Arts has three scales at night. The total amount of the scale of An Important Selection of Contemporary Chinese Arts of Ullens Collection is RMB 123 million and the 46 pieces of works are all transacted.Then, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Arts Evening Scale transacted 227 million and 44 pieces from 45 pieces works. In this scale several works transacted above RMB 10 million, which from artists Lengjun, Shichong, Chenyifei, Yangfeiyun,Wangyidong. At last, the scale of an Important Collection of Avant-Garde Chinese Art from Europe transacted by RMB 20 million.

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