The buyer of 422.5 Million Qi Baishi painting revealed   2011-06-14 15:47:52  

Qi Baishi, Eagle Standing on Pine Tree with Four-character Couplet in Seal Script, 425.5 Million RMB, China Guardian, at May 22, 2011.

On May 22, China Guardian 2011 Spring Auction, the 'Grand View- Treasures Night of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy ' auction, the painting ‘Eagle Standing on Pine Tree with Four-character Couplet in Seal Script’ by Qi Baishi sold for 425.5 Million RMB which is the highest price of Chinese spring auction until now.

Soon after the lot was transacted that night, the seller of this painting Liu Yiqian who had swam in the auction pool for years was unveiled by media; however, the buyer kept unknown for days.

Recently, when the buyer went to pay for this painting, the result finally revealed: not a person but a group - HUNAN TV&BROADCAST INTERMEDIARY CO., LTD, this company had already colleted hundreds of paintings and calligraphies including Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong and Zhang Daqian and some oil painting and antiques since it starts its collection in 2006, in 2010, it also found a foundation for art in Beijing.

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