AFA Ranks 77th in The TOP 100 Galleries of China   2012-10-29 14:10:05  

Since the publish of “2010/2011 The Top 100 Galleries in China”, the first independent report regarding Chinese gallery by Bazaar Art in September 2011, the art scene made overwhelming response towards the report, and it is now one of the most critical reference for the public to get to know the galleries in China. This year, Bazaar Art is publishing the second report to select the 100 best galleries in China. All galleries from the Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao are evaluated in the project for their contributions for contemporary art. AFA (Art for All Society) is the only gallery from Macao entering the list, with a ranking of 77th place.

The contest “2011-2012 The Top 100 Galleries in China” is a joint project launched by Sina Collection and Bazaar Art. 20% of the assessment is based on online vote by the public. According to the result of online vote, AFA ranks 35th place, which reflects significant change comparing to last year’s report, Galerie Urs Meile promoted from the 43rd to the 7th , while the ranking of Bois-Li Gallery dropped from the 7th to 16th. Many galleries which were ranked on the top of the list last year were not able to rank the “Top Ten” this time. However, it is not trying to indicate that the influence of these galleries is becoming lessened. The Chinese market was suffering from regression last year, nevertheless most of the galleries choose to confront the difficulty. To those galleries which have a long history and a well-developed system, this challenge is considered as a touchstone.

AFA was enlisted on the list of “The Top 100 Galleries in China” for the second consecutive year, ranked on the 77th place, with an academic value ranking of 89th, and commercial value ranked on 46th place. As the only Macao gallery which set up a branch in Beijing, AFA acts as a platform for art lovers from Mainland China to get know Macao culture. With five years of hard work, AFA has developed rapidly, especially involved in the cooperation with brands from different fields, such as MGM MACAU, Sky21, Perfect Vintage, City of Dreams, ORBIS and Wing Hang Bank etc. This cooperation is generating more possibilities for the development of Macao contemporary art and contributing to the society. Concerning exhibitions, AFA guarantees to launch 20 exhibitions every year for Macao artists in Macao and Beijing gallery and also, through cooperation with other organizations. AFA dedicates to promote the development of Macao contemporary art and all exhibitions are not profit-orientated. The professional team and management with a dedication to quality enable a promising environment for potential artists to display their work and to pursue professionalism in a long run, which also helps in establishing local art market. AFA will continue to launch more projects and facilitate interactions between Mainland China and Macao art and culture. With the influx of international fund, operation of the galleries faces increasing challenges from professionalism and segmentation of markets. AFA will continue to pursue for better performance and strive to be the top 100 galleries in China in the future, and also to contribute to the development of Macao culture and cultural image.

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