Stone Roses guitarist John Squire's artwork destroyed after studio burns down
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Stone Roses guitarist and artist John Squire’s studio has been destroyed in a blaze.

The converted top floor of an old sheep barn, ten yards away from where the artist lives, near Macclesfield, was razed to the ground when a fire broke out yesterday.

Two pieces of artwork were destroyed, called Harry Houdini and Aileen Wournos and were from Squire's Celebrity series which went on show last summer.

Fire investigators are looking into what started the blaze but it is believed to have been accidental.

Speaking to The Independent online two years ago Squire described a burning technique he uses when creating his popular abstract artwork.

“All the images in [a 2010 exhibition] rely on the same technique of cutting a shape out of a steel sheet and either painting it or burning it gently into the canvas with a blow torch,” he said.

When asked if he his artworks ever accidentally caught fire Squire said: “Early on, quite a lot yeah. Which was really frustrating if I was just about to finish. But I developed a crude technique of spitting on my own work to extinguish it when the fire caught.”

“Of course I tried blowing on it at first, but that’s like blowing on the end of a cigarette, it just makes it burn faster.”

Vivienne Gaskin, Squire’s agent, released a statement saying the guitarist was “extremely sad” about the fire.

Gaskin said: "It could have been much much worse. He has got about four of the paintings from the collection in his home and the others have been sold. The studio was built near his home so his family were his main priority but they are all fine."

She added: "Knowing that they are safe, he is obviously extremely sad that these paintings have gone and he will now have to completely re-build the studio."

A spokesman for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "The cause of the fire is believed to have been accidental."

Mancunian Squire's Celebrity series included representations of serial killer Harold Shipman and Josef Fritzl, who held his daughter captive for 24 years.

It also included less controversial celebrities like film director Woody Allen, footballer David Beckham and Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan.

The Stone Roses reformed earlier this year and played sell-out gigs at Manchester’s Heaton Park.

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