Impression on Wang Qingzhou
  Author:Zhou Guowen   2012-12-14 23:10:36  

It was the first time I have met Wang Qingzhou several years ago, in the Master High-class Research Examination of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and he also participated in the examination. Several townees and I were chatting outside the gate of Central Academy of Fine Arts while, suddenly, a young gentleman came to us with big strides. And then, we were talking too much; and what impressed me a lot were his characteristic words and assertive behaviors.

Little did I know that we met again in the Freehand Flower & Birds Studio of Art Academy of Renmin University of China nearly half years later; moreover, we became friends at this time. We always communicated and exchanged ideas late at night during this period. I have more and more felt that Wang Qingzhou is not, on the one hand, limited by any type; on the other hand,artistically, he is also distinctive. One night, Wang Qingzhou and I as well as other students were gathering in the Art Studio suddenly, he showed us a painting which was painted with all the green leaves. I was surprised because there were hardly any inks in his painting; however, it was of modernity. A student was difficult to accept his painting skills at this time, and said, “The leaves are so green that nobody has painted since ancient times.” They, so, began to express own ideas until midnight. I have appreciated Wang Qingzhou since then; in my opinion, he is the genius of art circles and his tour of painting art officially begins.

All the teachers and students of Freehand Flower & Birds Studio of Art Academy of Renmin University of China were about to paint from nature to Xishuangbanna (a place of China) in a spring. It is a place where helps the creation of Wang Qingzhou reach to the high tide; naturally, a plenty of splendid works, which were different from the original ones, were created by Wang Qingzhou. He often told me that he had a special insight; in particular, I can understand him! On account of he was the most diligent person there. He was not passive but it seems that he was absorbed in it. Generally, he always got up in the afternoon in Beijing, but he started his work earlier 8 o’clock and returned until the dinner time. He always painted from life alone in order not to be interrupted by others. I was waiting for the new achievements of Wang Qingzhou every night at that time and, everyone was astonished by his works every night. The day before we were about to leave, other students were relaxed to find something interesting, but only he was attracted by the beauty of nature. I have realized that he would forget his rationality as long as he begins painting. Only the exuberant scenery and transients are left in his eyes.

Soon, two years have passed, even though it is too short to do many works, but it is long enough for you to understand and read someone, especially someone like Wang Qingzhou, who is honest and sincere. His works are of honesty, straight, activity, just like himself. Artistically, he emphasizes on the feeling, so you can experience the existence of some emotions in his works. What he loves most are color, prosperity, and unadjusted colors—which are showed elegance, glories and free from arrogance and impetuosity only in his works. His artistic style is developing a new style and a new school of his own. In his opinion, the art must show its personality, even though immaturity. However this is what he is thinking all the time in his inner world. Some people may dislike his painting skills. As is known to all, it is a common thinking that people always against it when some new things are produced. What have been left in the world as classics, are always the ones were against in the past. For instance, nobody once had understands the art of Van Gogh (a western painter); however, he is the most splendid star in the Palace in Art; the eastern Xu Wei, whose life is full of ups and downs, is rejected by many people but, he is the painting master in modern art circles. Much less Wang Qingzhou has emerged his talents, and he is accepted by many people in the society.

I will always stay by Wang Qingzhou and support his artistic conception in the hope of he can create more and more achievements in the way of art. I believe his painting styles will help him create a new school in the near future.

Zhou Guowen ( Independent Painter of Beijing DAD-Dashanzi Art District)

Beijing, August 2012

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