Sound in Color, the Achievement of Wang Qingzhou
  Author:Shang Yang   2012-12-14 23:20:14  

Modern artists usually try to represent the numerous phenomena in nature by anxiety, jokes and affectation, while paintings by Wang Qingzhou are never the same in colors and lines, and they grow as the plants in nature into various unexpected shapes and form beautiful paintings that appeal to both the eyes and feelings.

People are varied in minds, just like their faces, and pictures can be compared to drawings of mind. Wang Qingzhou refines the purest mind images of creatures and presents them to people. His drawing and use of colors show no trace of pretentiousness, clear and clean-cut. The picture effect is just what Shen Kuo described in The Dream Rivulet Diary, “The drawings are simple, and you could not see clearly the sceneries in the painting closely, but standing afar, everything in the painting will show themselves clearly……” It freely expresses “my” feelings and the natural artistic conception. The paintings describe an inner deserted material world as a spiritual homeland of beauty and intelligence.

Laotse once said, “Blurry as the things are, there are sceneries in them if you look at them carefully; vague as the creatures are, there are concrete images in them; looking afar and obscure, the creator has immersed his feelings into the creatures.” The paintings by Wang Qingzhou explore the nature in depth and are closely linked to natural phenomenon. It goes beyond the beauty of image. His drawings are naïve and innocent. The trees and grasses in the pictures are luxuriant and gorgeous. He has a unique understanding and perception of the Chinese traditional painting, and he can turn what he learned from the tradition into his paintings, which are between the abstract and specific. The beautiful colors and images are a development of the Eastern ink painting art.

I am delighted to see his purity and elegance and I am anxious to see more of his works.


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