The Long Journey of Fellini:Dreams,Drawings,Films at SH Contemporary
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  Screened for the first time at Riminicinema in 1996, The long journey was presented in 2006 during the third edition of the Palazzo Venezia Festival in Rome where it received a coveted award, the President of the Republic’s Plaque for Best Documentary on Italian Art. The award, the great reception from the audience and the genuine enthusiasm the film generated in that occasion compelled the Fellini Foundation to organize also this exhibition, that the Emilia-Romagna Region now offers to the view of the international public.“It seems to me that I can say that I have always scribbled, since I was a child, on whichever piece of paper I had. It is a sort of conditioned reflex for me, of an automatic act, a craze I always carried with me, and with a little bit of embarassment I must confess that there has been a moment in my life when I thought I would have been a painter” (Federico Fellini)THE EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION IN CHINA: MANY ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIONS FOR THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BETWEEN ITALY AND CHINA.The Region, together with the Ministry of International Trade of the Italian Government and ICE supports the great initiative of SH Contemporary that sets up the first Chinese edition of Art Fair, organized by BolognaFairs in Bologna and become the main Italian fair exhibition in this field as well as one of the most important in Europe, because also the contemporatry art market will surely be a big new ground for meeting and economic and cultural collaboration between Italy and China.
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