Spiritual Structure of Realistic Language:Oil Painting Practice of Han Juliang
  Author:Li Chao   2008-07-10 11:29:07  

I have long wanted to write something about Han’s oil paintings for our congenialty, not only because we are peers and alumni but, more importantly, our nearly two decades of friendship convinces me deeply of the geniality and honesty of his art. Perhaps it is the influence of his ancestors, his dream and longings in childhood, and his persistence in the mechanical beauty that has attracted his continuous attention to steam trains, deepening and expanding his artistic ideals and expression forms. Han is like a man in his paintings that is almost obsessed with what he sees. And I admire such an artistic and career attitude: not seduced by the hustle and bustle or any temptations, despite any confusion or oversights, he walks his own way, determined to explore the road ahead, self-sufficient and relaxing in the world of self, which is filled with a condense humanity atmosphere and an elegant esthetic style expressed in his works, and narrating the past, present and future of his art to his many friends. –I am deeply touched by his art work style.

Since the 1980s, Han Juliang, as a painter deeply influenced by the institution school, has gradually cultivated a shrewd exploration potential in the field of oil paintings, with the new latent transition and pursuit of the realistic painting language. That is, in terms of the perception and expression of formal beauty, Han explores new artistic breakthroughs from the exquisite structure of the train series. Behind his paintings of driving force machinery lies especially the vivid and exquisite artistic emotions of the painter, which in turn determines his artistic objects. The image of the trains, seemingly both distant and near, realistic and fictional, constitutes the image of his heart and enriching the esthetics of his works. The elegant and refined combination of image and color is the reincarnation of his talent, experiences, and ideals. Using trains as his lasting artistic theme, Han has transcended the specific-image narrative structure and the abstract symbol identifier, establishing the unique expression form of realistic oil paintings in terms of image and color construction and endowing an empirical flavor to realistic paintings, which sets himself apart for his constant exploration of a unique style.

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