Omer Tiroche Marks Gallery Rebrand with Rarely Seen Picassos
  Resource:Artinfo   2016-08-29 10:12:54  

London gallerist Omer Tiroche is celebrating his recent expansion into Modern art and the rebranding of his gallery with an exhibition of more than 30 important and rarely seen works on paper by Pablo Picasso. Timed to coincide with the National Portrait Gallery’s “Picasso Portraits” exhibition, “Picasso on Paper” is at Omer Tiroche from October 4 to December 16, 2016

“When I decided to expand the gallery vision to include Modern art, I couldn’t imagine anyone more suited than Picasso to mark this step,” commented Omer Tiroche. “He was, and remains, the most influential artist of the 20th Century; his presence fits almost seamlessly with our Post War and Contemporary programme,” Tiroche added.

The works in “Picasso on Paper” document Picasso’s enduring love affair with the paper medium throughout his career, from one iconic period until the next. Spanning the early 1900s until his final years, the exhibition reveals the role of the paper in the development of Picasso’s draftsmanship skills and his use of the medium as a platform for experimentation and exploration.

Making use of every piece of paper he was able to acquire including torn book pages, lined notepaper, café receipts, and tracing paper, Picasso drastically elevated paper’s disposable status. His innovative approach to the medium is exemplified in the range and variety of the works in “Picasso on Paper,” which encompass the now iconic motifs and imagery that characterize his vast oeuvre.

From the Rose Period watercolour “Saltimbanque et Jeune Fille” 1905 and the Cubist still life “Nature Morte Cubiste” 1910, to studies from the poignant series of works he began in 1963 on the theme of artist and model, the works in “Picasso on Paper” emphasize the diversity of Picasso’s talents and exemplify his dedication and commitment to developing and enhancing his skills.

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