Galerie Gmurzynska Pays Tribute to 20th Century American Art
  Resource:blouinartinfo   2016-08-31 10:11:20  

“20th Century American Masters” at Galerie Gmurzynska St. Moritz in Switzerland highlights the influence of 20th century American artists, and emphasizes their contribution to the art of that period.

Timed to coincide with St. Moritz Art Masters, which this year focuses on the theme of American art, the exhibition includes works by iconic artists of 20th century America including David Smith, Louise Nevelson, Robert Indiana, as well as lesser known but highly influential artists such as Dan Basen and Ronnie Cutrone.

Taking the theme as its point of departure, and giving it a US/European twist, Galerie Gmurzynska explores the dialogue between American and European artists and their work. From the influence of European artists on the work of Louise Nevelson and David Smith to the impact of Robert Indiana and Tom Wesselmann on European art, this exhibition shows the work of familiar and famous artists in a new light.

Dan Basen and Ronnie Cutrone add an element of discovery to the exhibition, which reveals these two artists as underrated and underappreciated. Cutrone’s best-known role as the longtime assistant of Andy Warhol and the tragic suicide of Dan Basen at a very young age are both factors that likely contributed to these two artists failing to receive the recognition that they deserve – a situation that Galerie Gmurzynska aims to redress.

“It has always been our goal with every exhibition we mount for the visitor to take away from it something he did not know before, and to make them curious to learn more,” said Mathias Rastorfer, CEO and co-owner of the gallery, in a statement. “This summer exhibition in the mountains of Switzerland attempts to point out what is all too familiar to us and what is still as fresh and challenging in American art of the 20th century to a European audience,” he added.

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