Datebook: Convergence of global designs at Design Miami/
  Resource:artinfo   2016-09-05 13:59:45  

Design Miami/ will be hosted from November 30 through December 4, 2016.

Design Miami/ brings together the most prominent collectors, galleries, designers, curators and critics from across the globe to celebrate design, culture and commerce. The fair has become a premium venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible designs. Being more than just a marketplace for design, Design Miami/ is a venue for museum-quality exhibition where top galleries across the globe come together to exhibit 20th century and 21 century furniture, lightings and object d’art. Each show provides exclusive commercial opportunities along with progressive cultural programming, creates exciting collaborations between the designers and the design institutions, hosts panels and lectures with prominent figures from the world of design, architecture, art and fashion, and presents unique commissions from the world’s famous and established designers and architects along with emerging names. Design Miami/ doesn’t only attempt to fulfill the demand of a high-end design fair, but also evokes awareness for modern and contemporary designs, enrich the market of collectibles, and presents itself as a destination for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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