Urban Details --- Exhibition of Ingo Baumgarten
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At 4:30 pm on February 23, 2017, “Urban Details--- Exhibition of Ingo Baumgarten” will grandly open at United Art Museum. Jointly organized by Wuhan Creative Capital and United Art Museum, the exhibition will bring together German artist Ingo Baumgarten’s over 40 pieces of oil paintings and manuscripts works which are of delicate workmanship, new perspectives of observation and strong atmosphere of life.

Ingo Baumgarten, the first artist selected by “Migrant-Birds Residency Program”, is good at discovering the details of life and then turning with his humble and refined attitude his discoveries into creation. Born in Germany in 1964, Ingo Baumgarten is currently teaching at Hongik University in Korea. He settled in Creative Capital Park end of 2016, and carried out the 2-month artistic residency here. His works have been exhibited in several countries such as Portugal, Germany, France, Japan, and Korea. but it’s the first time to be exhibited in Wuhan, China.

The exhibition is divided into two parts: the first part is oil paintings, including some works Baumgarten created in Korean and those created around the area of Wuhan. In Wuhan, he focuses on motives such as the  artist’s studio, OVU office building, the Zi Yuan Hotel, an old building on Yezhihu Road, or the subway constructions in Wuchang etc.. The second part is works on paper which represents his artistic research, and working methods.. According to him, these drawings are of great significance to understand  the artistic processes of his work realized in Wuhan.

This exhibition will show us Wuhan in the eyes of a German artist. It will be of great significance for the improvement of Wuhan’s impression, and also provides an opportunity for mutual exchanges and study between Chinese and western artists. Ingo Baumgarten’s works are both realistic and delicate, with themes of aesthetics in daily life and inspiration from triggering of different spaces. He focuses on details of the urban life and puts ordinary objects like window, chair, roof and exhaust fan on canvas, adopting geometric shapes and beautiful colors to create a special visual experience, which gives people a sense of gentleness, calm and harmony.

The duration of the exhibition will last from February 23 to March 23. We welcome all art lovers to come to the exhibition.

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